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  1. Dqnny

    Community montage (Java)

    So I saw Related Noobs make a community montage thread as seen here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/community-montage-i-need-your-clips.295427/ And i thought it was an amazing idea and if your a bedrock player totally go submit your clip but when he started announcing the rules i kinda...
  2. Dqnny

    Best Tips to Start

    Hey! As you could already tell by the title of this thread I need tips to start skyblock. I’m thinking of starting a new java skyblock series on youtuber because i haven’t seen any1 do a java series yet and i have the basic concept of skyblock i got to the birch island on solo but this time i...
  3. Dqnny

    Java Leaderboards to Lobby

    Note: This is my first thread so bare with me here 😅 So I had a not very original idea to put leaderboards more visibly into the game, so ppl have more motivation to compete for those slots, and I obviously am not the first one to suggest this many ppl already have and i’m guessing the...
  4. Dqnny

    Java Looking for Java Eggwars party!

    Looking for eggwars team to grind with, if intrested dm me and lets talk! Minimum requirements: 1: 13+ 2: Speak English pretty fluently (it's fine if you have an accent) 3: Be pretty decent at 1.9 pvp dont have to be crazy just be able to win a fight every once in a while 4: Be able to talk...
  5. Dqnny

    Java Adding 2v2 Duels on Java

    I saw 2v2 was added on Bedrock literally less than a week after me and my party were talking about how cool it would it would be to have a 2v2 duel thing added to Java. Just a suggestion, but I think it would be epic for that to be added especially with my competitive party of 4
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