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  1. NinjaAsh

    Team PvP Arenas

    So lately I have been thinking of cool new Ideas for the server and I thought of one that I thought would be a neat feature to add. The idea is basically like kit-pvp only the players have the same armor and face eachother in equal teams. This prevents players from complaining about unfair...
  2. NinjaAsh

    Artwork Random stuff

    This is what I had to do to keep myself from being bored after I finished my classwork at school.
  3. NinjaAsh


    I have realized that many of kit pvp's classes are based off of the characters from Team Fortress 2 (Some examples are the pyro and the alchemist) the alchemist is similar to the medic. Be sure to leave comments on whether or not you agree with me, or other similarities you have noticed between...
  4. NinjaAsh

    Builds Five Nights At Freddy's II

    Recently, some of my friends and I put together a "FNAF II" look-alike. this is not an RP btw.
  5. NinjaAsh

    Builds Cool minigame:

    These are some pics of a new minigame I created and play with my friends. Basically the main Idea is this: there are four Races: Humans and dwarves, which are in an alliance, and there are their enemies, the elves and orcs. They fight eachother to capture one another's flags to earn points. This...
  6. NinjaAsh

    Team Betrayal on Team skywars!

    I find It very annoying when I join a team only to be burnt by their lava or exploded by their TNT (On purpose!) I had to try and kill my OWN TEAM MATES so that they wouldn't kill me. :/
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