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  1. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Bedrock Please allow an option to not be moved servers automatically

    I understand that you want to fill games quickly but I would rather not play with high ping, even if it means my game will not fill up as quickly.
  2. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Bedrock Why are the Survival Games kits so broken

    This is the problem. If you select the Chef kit on normal you get exactly what it says (A wood sword and steak) However if you select the Gladiator kit you should get a stone sword, yet on normal mode it actually gives you an iron sword. This is extremely misleading and broken considering iron...
  3. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Video I got 1st on Blockwars CTF, Here are some bugs I found on the way

    Lemme know what you guys think :)
  4. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Bedrock Add among Slimes to bedrock

    I want to call the imposter sus just like the popular video game among us created by blizzard games, Sus amogus?? Amogus Among us is so fun. When i were impoter I were call sus and die LOLOLOL XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, but add among slimes best gamemode on cubecraft ever of all time ever...
  5. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Bedrock help Nightmare9945

    Since Keanu rudely locked it before an admin could see it, making the post again Nightmare9945 is 2nd on the eggwars duos leaderboards, he was on track to overtake 1st but xbox has fasely banned his account and has no way of getting it back, he has since created a new account called ItsN1ghts...
  6. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Bedrock Admins please help Nightmare9945

    Nightmare9945 is 2nd on the eggwars duos leaderboards, he was on track to overtake 1st but xbox has fasely banned his account and has no way of getting it back, he has since created a new account called ItsN1ghts where he has already gained over 3000 wins, this would put him 1st on the...
  7. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Appreciation of the anticheat

    As a long time player who longed for any sort of moderation or anticheat on the bedrock server I am very happy with the progress made, I rarely come across a single hacker in-game, in my last 4 weeks I have been playing on the server I have only come across 3 hackers which have all been banned...
  8. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Bedrock Please increase the chances of you getting the fastest maps

    As it stands there is a certain map on each gamemode that are faster than others. Skywars Solo - Savanna Skywars Duo - Fruitbowl Skywars Teams - Toxic Eggwars Solo - Golf Eggwars Duos - Modern Eggwars Teams - Mangrove These are currently the most popular games to speedrun and it is leading to...
  9. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Video Pranking ChiefAaron with Noteblocks in Skywars

    Hey hope you guys enjoy this, this took about a day to edit and will really appreciate your feedback :)
  10. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Web The problems with the Cubecraft Book of records thread.

    I have not seen any sort of thread talking about this, I feel I need to bring up the problems that the Cubecraft book of records thread has in general that need desperately fixing so the thread can be an accurate resource used to look at for all things world record based for the network. I will...
  11. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    World Record Progression for Eggwars UPDATE as of 10/03/2021

    This is in my opinion very long overdue and we have a lot to talk about. This is continued from a previous forum post so go check that out if you haven't seen it yet or need a refresher, https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/world-record-progression-for-eggwars-update-as-of-30-11-2020.271770/...
  12. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Bedrock Add ingame timer to Eggwars teams of 4

    Why does every single gamemode on the cubecraft network have an ingame timer now apart from eggwars teams of 4? I doubt this is intentional, please fix this.
  13. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Video World Record Progression: Cubecraft Eggwars Duos Any% (Bedrock Edition)

    Welcome to the World record progression for Cubecraft Eggwars Duos Any% Bedrock edition, this video includes the world records from many players through the past 2 years. Would like to say a big thank you to @RelatedNoobs, @DarkStray, @WaspBrain, @Nightmare9945 and anyone else who helped...
  14. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Help for speedrun.com

    Hey there. I am the founder of speedrun,com/cubecraft and am looking for help (if this is not the right part of the forums please direct me to where I can post this) I am currently in need of any Cubecraft Java staff or Java players with alot of experience to help moderate decisions made for...
  15. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Video BEST Cubecraft Trap Montage!!

    This is a friend of mine's video, it took him months to gather good clips and 2 days straight of editing, I would really love it to get some more attention, give some good feedback if you like it!
  16. CubecraftSpeedrunning

    Speedrunning Competition for Cubecraft (WIN DISCORD NITRO)

    Welcome to the first Speedrunning competition for Cubecraft!! Seeing as we have received such a massive growth in activity we have decided to hold our first ever speed running competition for both the Java and Bedrock community. Offering 2 chances to win FREE Discord Nitro! To do this you...
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