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  1. Sqnder

    Blockwars Bridges Powerups

    Hi everyone, I decided to make this post because something has been seriously bothering me about Blockwars Bridges. As all of you Blockwars players already know, the goal of Blockwars Bridges is to score 25 goals and win. A very big component of the game are the powerups, which are supposed to...
  2. Sqnder

    We need more 6+-player maps.

    Hi fellow eggwars players, First, I want to say that I love the game, but I just don't think there are enough maps available for bigger parties. There are multiple 5-player maps, but there's only one 6-player map (Aztec), no 7 or 8-player maps, only one 9-player map and two 10-player maps. The...
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