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  1. DreamFudge

    Java Lava and Water Bucket Bug

    I've been playing a lot of SkyWars lately and can't help but notice a bug in lava and water bucket placement. I use water buckets to get high ground a lot and end up falling into the void a few times because the water doesn't place. If someone could fix this it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. DreamFudge

    All Networks New Gamemode??

    Hey CubeCrafters! Regarding gamemodes, I'm assuming that everyone has their one or two favorites that they rotate between. My personal favorites are SkyWars and EggWars. I was hoping that CubeCraft would think about implementing a new gamemode: Battle Royale. Why Battle Royale? There's a...
  3. DreamFudge

    Builds Circus SkyWars Map!!

    Enjoy :D
  4. DreamFudge

    Builds Sonic SkyWars

    Sonic SkyWars
  5. DreamFudge

    Builds GameBoyz

  6. DreamFudge

    Builds Stranded!

    Hey everyone! Back with a relatively small but cute build. I love these kinds of small creations because they can always be implemented in bigger more complex projects.
  7. DreamFudge

    All Networks Spring Season

    The winter map is incredible. Going into March however I hope the Design Team will come up with something special for spring. Thought of some ideas: 1) Massive trees with beautiful leaves arching over the Games portal acting as a natural corridor that leads to the game modes. 2) Easter related...
  8. DreamFudge

    Builds Back with a NEW Build!!

    Heyyo, I'm back after quite a long break. Sorry for not keeping in touch with everyone. Thought I'd make a come back with this new hub I designed and built.
  9. DreamFudge

    F1 Map

    Welcome to the solo Eggwars map - F1 This is a large solo Eggwars map created by DreamFudge. F1 has a beautiful sharp look to it which makes it very attractive. The map has three parts. 1) The Main Island - The Main Island is basically a F1 track. It's perimeter is the track itself and...
  10. DreamFudge

    How did CubeCraft start?

    Ii was just wondering what game modes did CubeCraft start with. Obviously a server can't start with Skywars on other mini games
  11. DreamFudge

    Builds Island Tropics

    Enjoy :D
  12. DreamFudge

    Builds Factions Spawn

    Made this factions spawn I hope you like it. :D
  13. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] Walls

    Walls hub. Enjoy :D
  14. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] WarZone

    Implemented an old build of mine into a bigger one. Enjoy :D
  15. DreamFudge

    Builds [BUILD] Serpent Layer

    Just finished this big project. Serpent layer with a skull, sword, snake and more. I hope you all like this. Thanks @StopWalking for the render. :D
  16. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] Royal Castle

    Hi everyone, I've finally learnt how to render my builds. Here is one from yesterday - looking a bit more professional then shaders.
  17. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] Autumn

    Really enjoyed building this - glad I could share it with everyone :D
  18. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] The HULK

    Thought i'd make this build for the sake of variety. Enjoy :D
  19. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] WW1 Plane

    Big build of a World War 1 plane. Enjoy :D
  20. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] Dream Hub

    Massive Dream Hub hope you all love it :D Credits: Dashsmashing & DreamFudge
  21. DreamFudge

    Builds Pirate [Build]

    Skeleton pirate crashed on a bay.
  22. DreamFudge

    CubeCraft Question

    Hi there I have a quick question. Is CubeCraft a vanilla or bukkit server? I know that this question may be really stupid for some of you but I am trying to figure all of this server stuff out so if you could please just reply normally without any condescending remarks. Thanks :)
  23. DreamFudge

    Builds [Build] Mars

    Enjoy everyone :)
  24. DreamFudge

    Builds Fighter Sculpture

    Worked on this for 2 hours I hope you all like it. :)
  25. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Retro Arcade

    Hope you all like this Retro Arcade build. Have a great day! :) ~ DreamFudge
  26. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Map: EggWars - Snow

    New EggWars Map Snowy. I hope you all like it. :) ~ DreamFudge
  27. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Dino

    This is a unique build inspired from Jurassic World. Enjoy :)
  28. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Fishing with Whiskers

    Hope you all like this fisherman scene. Got told that I don't have enough details in my builds so here :) ~ DreamFudge
  29. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Osaka Way

    Japanese styled scenery including a dark wall and a cherry blossom tree. :) Enjoy the build! ~ DreamFudge
  30. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Road

    Cartoon build of a massive wall, road and car. Hope you like it. ~ DreamFudge
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