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  1. sajanator3

    Looks like I really need to get some work done this morning :)

    Send a picture of what you're drinking to start your day off! What's in my drink today is 3 tablespoons of coffee and 1 tablespoon of sugar.
  2. sajanator3

    Morning drink 🥛

    Good morning all :) What drink do you guys start your day off with ? I myself start my day off with some lemon and ginger tea. its been a daily morning thing for a while! (please excuse the messy background!!)
  3. sajanator3

    Video The SMOOTHEST eggwars render (600fps)

    This is literally the smoothest eggwars render on youtube at the moment. I recorded the video at 300fps and then used flowframes to interpolate it to 600fps. And then used tmix to resample to 60fps again. This took like 11 hours to make lmao. 1:36 for funny moment 😏
  4. sajanator3

    Bedrock A weekly leaderboard

    As well as the current leaderboards, I think that a weekly ones should be added. The reason why I think so is because it'd be much more motivating to try get to the top of those instead of the current ones. Yes, the current ones are good, but its been so long that any new player has no...
  5. sajanator3

    Video A cubecraft FFA video :)

    I've not seen much FFA content on YouTube, so I've made some myself :)
  6. sajanator3

    Video cubecraft skywars but really really smooth 👀

    My PC was on the verge of death tryanna record and edit this :) watch this in a new tab and not the one embedded to experience the smoothness :)
  7. sajanator3

    Bedrock Here's a bunch of things that I think will make CC more enjoyable.

    Here's a bunch of things that'll make CC more enjoyable. 1) In eggwars, wall builders are a pretty cool thing in the game, and is a thing that can be used in really creative ways. The issue with them is that you have to buy them one by one. a quality of life change would be the ability buy 5...
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