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  1. iTBD

    Java A different approach to punishments for inappropriate usernames/skins

    Hello, people on the Cubecraft forums! Today I'd like to suggest a different approach to punishments for inappropriate usernames/skins Current situation As you may or may not know, when someone has an inappropriate username/skin in the server and gets reported/spotted by a staff member, they...
  2. iTBD

    Denied A change to the "entity occlusion system"

    Hello, Cubecrafters! I would like to suggest a change to the "entity occlusion system", which was implemented recently (this message). In theory, it sounds like something very good, as it helps reduce lag. But should it really be implemented like this? My suggestion is to make the "entity...
  3. iTBD

    Java A biG bRAiN eGG dEfenCe

    I've posted some big brain Egg defences before, but this one is just better. That one block which is higher than all others definitely doesn't tell you where the egg is tho-
  4. iTBD

    Java Changes to the info you see after typing "/f list"

    Hello people! Today I'd like to suggest a change to the info shown after typing "/f list" (I don't know how the command works on Bedrock, so it's a Java only suggestion). Normally, when you type that command, it shows you which of your friends are online and what they are playing, as well as...
  5. iTBD

    Planned Change the message indicating your friends are playing Among Slimes

    Hello! Today, I'd like to suggest a change to the message which indicates your friends are playing Among Slimes. First, I'd like to point out that I'm talking about the messages shown to you when you type "/f list". After you type that, it tells you which friends of yours are playing certain...
  6. iTBD

    Forwarded An addition to stats.cubecraft.net

    Hello! Today I'd like to suggest a small addition for the stats.cubecraft.net website. As you may know, it currently shows pretty much the same statistics every day (Bedrock beating Java in playercount lol), however that looks very empty to me. So my suggestion is to add an option to see how...
  7. iTBD

    Java A 9000 IQ tRiCK iN eGGwARs

    This is just too big brain for me. I aLmOSt mISsED tHE hIDdeN PLayEr!!!
  8. iTBD

    Amazing moments in the (broken) 1.8 lobby while it was there :(

    Hello! I just wanted to share some of my epic screenshots taken in the last hours before 1.8 was shut down. It was the massive lag that made all of this possible, so thanks lag xD In this one, the npcs are just casually flying...
  9. iTBD

    Java Among Slimes Abilities (and more) - Update Suggestion

    Hello, everyone! Today, I'd like to suggest an update idea for Among Slimes! So my idea is to basically add abilities to Among Slimes. But what are they and how are they used? Everything will be explained in this thread! So first, what are the abilities and what do they do? Glad you've asked...
  10. iTBD

    Did you know this is possible?

    So I was fishing and fOuNd THiS ePiC iTEm, vErY CoOL iF yOU aSk Me.
  11. iTBD

    I mIghT hAVe BrOKen AmONg SLimeS

    Great, I couldn't fix comms, got voted out and lost :( but it was all worth it for the extra rail! Has anyone ever experienced something like this? It's very weird...
  12. iTBD

    Among Slimes 800 wins

    Hey! I just reached 800 wins in Among Slimes and I thought I should share it here on the forums in the Lobby as Among Slimes doesn't have its own section in "Game Discussion". My goal is to get every single Among Slimes achievement, but it won't happen soon :(...
  13. iTBD

    Java An amazing way to win

    Very pog if you ask me. Have you ever won a game like this?
  14. iTBD

    Video EPIC Eggwars cobwebs trap

    This video shows me trapping innocent Eggwars players in cobwebs. Totally worth watching (source: trust me bro)
  15. iTBD

    JuSt a tYpIcAl AmOnG sLiMeS gAme

    Just a typical game of Among Slimes, where half of our spaceship is gone and some of us are trapped in the void. Sounds fun, right? Can you guess who won, based on what can be seen in the screenshot?
  16. iTBD

    Java Typical "NoOb tEaMmAtEs" Egwgars game.

    What more could I say? It's just one of the many typical games in which your teammates are nOoBs and just sleep on the diamond generator the entire time while you do the entire work
  17. iTBD

    Java Among Slimes - allowed languages...

    Introduction Among Slimes has a lot of players, and obviously they all speak different languages. There's nothing wrong with that, however, currently in Among Slimes you are allowed to call meetings and speak languages different from English (below you can see a screenshot of me asking about...
  18. iTBD

    Java Trapping two nUbS in a chimney (pLeAsE nO bAn)

    So I trapped 2 people in a chimney and I just had to share it here. The fact that they tried to team up on me really warmed my heart. I hope I won't get banned for doing this-
  19. iTBD

    Java An EgGwArS gLiTcH, pLeAsE hElP mE

    GuYs pLeAsE hElP tHeRe Is aN IrOn gOlEm oN mY iSlAnD. ThIs CanNoT bE NoRmAl.
  20. iTBD

    Video Trapping the enemy's villager in Eggwars

    So I got this epic idea and had to make it into a video, please just don't ban me for trolling xD
  21. iTBD

    Java A sad Eggwars moment.

    So I was in a Solo Eggwars game and I found this Steve who was building a castle around their egg, so I decided to make a tnt cannon and destroy it. Has something like this ever happened to you?
  22. iTBD

    Java ThErE iS A hAcKeR iN mY GaMe pLeAsE hElP #3

    PlEaSe hElP there is a diamond Steve in my team but the game has just started so they have to be a hacker!!! What do I do?
  23. iTBD

    Java a GrEaT EgG dEfEnCe

    This is one of the BeSt Egg defenced I've ever seen in Eggwars. It kinda looks like a plane. But what about you? Can you share some EpIc eGg dEfeNcES?
  24. iTBD

    Java Epic f moment for my enemy in Eggwars

    This one doesn't need much explaining, just enjoy this beautiful moment :D
  25. iTBD

    Java ThEre iS aHaCkEr In mY GamE pLeAsE hElp #2

    PlEaSe hElP there is another hacker who I found, the game has just started and that Steve has iron armour, this is not legit please someone help xD (and again this is a joke in case you don't have a sense of humour)
  26. iTBD

    Java ThErE iS aHaCkEr iN mY gAmE PlEaSe hElP

    Please help there is a hacker with netherite armour lol (it's a joke in case you don't have a sense of humour)
  27. iTBD

    An interesting forums game...

    So this is a new challenge. The rules are simple: your reply MUST begin with the last word from the reply above yours. The long term goal for this game is to get a bigger chain than the biggest number that was reached in "Count before staff interrupts". So don't break the chain to make the staff...
  28. iTBD

    Video "Bridgetrapping" people in Eggwars (ToTalLy nEW TrAP)

    This was heavily inspired by the flybridging, which was recently discovered on Bedrock edition. The Java mechanics are just way too different and it simply doesn't work on Java, so I found another way to go around it :) you all should try doing it sometimes, it's very funny I promise!
  29. iTBD

    Video Epic Eggwars moments - montage

    Today I decided to put together some epic moments and this happened, hopefully someone will find it interesting :D
  30. iTBD

    Video Eggwars traps montage (big pog)

    Sooo this took about 25 hours from start (the beginning of the very first game) to finish (the moment I exported it) and I hope someone will like it! I keep trying to get better and better every time Special thanks to ItsNinjaa for all these hours we've been trying to make this a reality! Enjoy :)
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