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  1. doubleu5431

    Rip shiny

    Guys rip shiny😭😭, he was a cubecraft player, he died at age 13 RIP Shiny❤️
  2. doubleu5431

    Video Funny moments

  3. doubleu5431

    Video I need your help!

    I need help for a video! I want to make a minecraft funny moments video! But i dont have clips... of u have some clips, can u give it to me? Your name wil be in the video!
  4. doubleu5431


    Should I do a giveaway? Maybe I wil do it! I wil giveaway cubecraft ranks! how it will works! NORMAL SPINNING WHEELE The people who only subscribing wil get add to the normal spinning wheel! SPECIAL SPINNING WHEELE The people who subcribe and share it with friends wil get add to the special...
  5. doubleu5431

    Video Dream edit Northman - Sandy freaks

    Enjoy the video!:) (short)
  6. doubleu5431

    Video Video..

    Lol I uploaded some clips on YouTube, but here u can see the block lagg😂, it’s so annoying... but yea enjoy the video😂😂😂
  7. doubleu5431

    Date of birth..

    Hello, my date of birth is wrong... I’m not 16, I’m 14, I did 16 because on some sites u have to be 16/older.. can a Staff change it?
  8. doubleu5431

    All Networks BlockWars game discussion

    I was looking for the blockwars game discusion but, there was no game discusion... So I think it’s not a bad idea to add one!
  9. doubleu5431


    Hello, can someone give me like a little guide of Skyblock? So I know more about money making and stuff!
  10. doubleu5431

    All Networks Profile border

  11. doubleu5431

    Dutch chat!

    Hier kan je in het Nederlands praten, k heb deze chat/thread gemaakt omdat er best veel nederlanders zijn! Just chat!:)
  12. doubleu5431


    Hello everyone Im playing cubecraft like 4-5 years, so i decided to make a forum acc yesterday!, I’m now going to introduce myself!:) Who is DoubleU? I‘m Maikel (14) (Netherland) I really like to play Minecraft, like a Saïd im playing this game for 4-5 years now! And it’s never boring.. The...
  13. doubleu5431

    Artwork My skill!

  14. doubleu5431

    Bedrock Ranks (bedrock)

    On Java edition u have Gold, Diamond rank ect. But, on bedrock u have Eggwars, Skywars rank... it should be cool if there are going to be the same ranks as on java/more ranks!
  15. doubleu5431

    Bedrock Eggwars duo!

    Im a active player on eggwars! (Bedrock) I’m searching for a player who wants to be my duo! so, I hope I can find someone! Have a great day.. Greetings DoubleU
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