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  1. DreamFudge

    Java Dance Miniature

    Keep opening Cubelets. You'll get the ones you want eventually.
  2. DreamFudge

    Bedrock Please add a parkor race course game

    This could be great. Maybe even implemented in MinerWare. . .
  3. DreamFudge

    Skins Grove's Skins (Pt. 4)

    I truly admire the retro/vintage look of your skins. Hope to see more soon!
  4. DreamFudge

    Video Cubecraft clips #4

    Faced you a couple of days ago. Incredible player keep up the grind.
  5. DreamFudge


    I'll pass this onto a Moderator.
  6. DreamFudge

    Java Proposal for the Report-System

    Give everyone the command and the Moderators will have too much work on their hands. I don't think they give the command to ranks as a perk. They do it to regulate the amount of cases.
  7. DreamFudge

    Fall Damage and Criticals

    It gives an edge to combat. Take it away and you get click spammers which I personally think is mindless.
  8. DreamFudge

    Hit 600 Skywars wins! Finally

    Let's gooo! Keep the grind going and get to 1000.
  9. DreamFudge

    OnlyTijmen introduction

    Great to meet you @OnlyTijmen.
  10. DreamFudge

    Video Tryhard in Eggwars map Rome with ItsSennee (double perspective)

    Really good under pressure. Great player well done!
  11. DreamFudge

    there are 3 types of CCG helpers...

    Gotta love the third one. Very direct. xD
  12. DreamFudge

    Video CubeCraft Valentine's

    Incredible gameplay. Love the offensive strategy.
  13. DreamFudge

    All Networks Fix Duels

    This would be great.
  14. DreamFudge

    All Networks FFA map choosing

    Good idea. Hope it gets added I would like to choose my maps too.
  15. DreamFudge

    Java Lava and Water Bucket Bug

    I've been playing a lot of SkyWars lately and can't help but notice a bug in lava and water bucket placement. I use water buckets to get high ground a lot and end up falling into the void a few times because the water doesn't place. If someone could fix this it would be greatly appreciated.
  16. DreamFudge

    Skins The Medic

    This is sooo cool. Maybe make the glasses and straps on the second layer so they stand out.
  17. DreamFudge

    Video Skywars chaos lb montage

    Everything blowing up around you xD. Awesome vid!
  18. DreamFudge

    What is meaning of CubeCrafters

    People who play games are gamers. People who play CubeCraft are CubeCrafters . . . and awesome
  19. DreamFudge

    Coding Block Health System!

    That's a really nice idea. I have no idea how to code but I think it has something to do with a for loop until 5 maybe.
  20. DreamFudge

    CubeCraft Games Find the Difference

    I love the newer one. That's the difference.
  21. DreamFudge

    What's wrong with cubecraft (In my opinion ofc)

    I agree partly. I think any player should be able to play with as many friends as he/she wants. This is something that CubeCraft has overlooked.
  22. DreamFudge

    Java Ideas to get more players

    Gamemodes. We need gamemodes that will attract more players and get rid of the ones that are unpopular.
  23. DreamFudge

    Right back at ya :D

    Right back at ya :D
  24. DreamFudge

    Video Eggwars With H4T

    I'm repeatedly amazed by these building techniques. Awesome content.
  25. DreamFudge

    Help I’m new

    Love the ambition!
  26. DreamFudge

    Java favourite skywars map

    Solo: Trees. Team: Music.
  27. DreamFudge

    Video 250 subs montage :OOOoOOoOOOo

    Keep up the good work!
  28. DreamFudge

    Video Skywars stats/Strategies

    Very fast; the key to a good SkyWars player.
  29. DreamFudge

    Website Glitch?

    This happens for all websites occasionally. It's an error in loading. Simple refresh should do it.
  30. DreamFudge

    I almost beat team termite's solo eggwars perfect game world record.....

    This is incredible. How are you building like that?
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