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  1. Cursedpug89

    Video KnockBack swords are fun

  2. Cursedpug89

    Video Trapping In the luckiest of blocks

    If you have any feedback I would love too hear it.
  3. Cursedpug89

    Video skywars funny moments

  4. Cursedpug89

    Video Trapping clips that give me life.

    Feedback would be appreciated.
  5. Cursedpug89

    Video We got a diamond block in survival games!

    any feedback you have would be absolutely great thanks!
  6. Cursedpug89

    Video Burnt Espresso Montage (skywars)

    Feedback Please!
  7. Cursedpug89

    Video Cubecraft Skyblock part 1

    If you guys could give feedback that would be great!
  8. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Speed UHC.

    First of all yes I know UHC isn't very popular in the cubecraft community but just hear me out or at least give the thread a read before denying it. This is just an idea I would love to see in beta games maybe not become it's own full gamemode but just thought it might be an idea. What is Speed...
  9. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Maps that have anvils.

    Is there any maps on solo's and duos that have anvils? I'm curious because I find enchantment bottles and I thought If you can't enchant may as well Name some items for fun.
  10. Cursedpug89

    Video Big Brain Traps

    If you have any feedbacks or just any thoughts give me it i'm always looking for feedback.
  11. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Kits for Skywars That are on Java.

    So Recently I have been playing a bit of java but Bedrock is my main. I think some of these kits should be added even if they aren't useful I still think they would be fun #1 Kit Bomber- Bomber is a Java kit but I want to bring it to Bedrock. It will contain 14 Tnt, 2 Tripwire Hooks, I was...
  12. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Some Eggwars Kit ideas.

    So some maps come from Java to bedrock we all know that. But maybe some of their kits can come to bedrock as well as maybe some original kits eventually. Eggwars Kits- #1 Rabbit- 5 Golden Carrots, Potion of Leaping 2. #2 Money Bags- 5 Iron Tokens #3 Healer- 1 Golden Apple. #4 Debuffer- a...
  13. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Among slimes

    So recently I have been playing Bedrock and I noticed that most of Cubecraft Games are pvp. Yes I know Cubecraft is a mainly pvp focused server but I think we deserve some more non pvp games to bring in games who aren't pvp based. It would bring in some more players who don't want to play pvp...
  14. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Cubelets and Some new Kit Ideas.

    Introduction- So I posted this a while ago like last year in October. So I play Cubecraft everyday I love the Server. So my suggestion is for a couple New Kits in Lucky islands, Skywars, Eggwars and Finally some Cubelets. For those that Don't know what a cubelet is. A cubelet is a mystery crate...
  15. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Eggwars Lag?

    Me and my cousin have been playing eggswars and any where in the server we have smooth fps and great ping but when we try and play a eggwars game we get like 0 frames and lag to the point we can't play. Is anyone else experiencing this lag. I can get a video if evidence is needed.
  16. Cursedpug89

    How do I turn off custom Chests?

    how do I turn off my custom chests or change it? when i got the rank I use to see a villager in games but now I don't see a villager and the chests can't be changed in my loot option
  17. Cursedpug89

    Video Trapping in Skywars (Minecraft Bedrock)

    If you have any feedback let me know!
  18. Cursedpug89

    Video Survival games.

    I made a cubecraft video and was wondering if i could get some feedback.
  19. Cursedpug89

    I have a question about mods

    so I know this isn't a suggestion or feedback (I think) I'm just curious. when scrolling through forms i notice some mods say there isn't enough mods on bedrock for things. so I'm just curious do mods when they apply or like when they are mod get to choose a platform they mainly focus on? or do...
  20. Cursedpug89

    Video Dunking On Kids in Skywars

    I hope you guys enjoy. pls give me feedback! :)
  21. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Savitar Kit Skywars

    I think adding a Kit Called Savitar would be cool. Savitar is the Hindu god of Motion so you could give it 2 speed 2 potions so you can zoom around. Is this a silly idea Kinda would it be fun Yes. Kit Equipment Light Grey Leather Helmet 2 Speed 2 Potions
  22. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Cubelets

    Introduction- so recently I have been getting into cubecraft again like playing it everyday into it. I am happy we got a rework of everything but I was thinking what if we added Cubelets that mystery crate system from Java to Bedrock. Now I don’t think this should be a priority but I do have...
  23. Cursedpug89

    Video I’m back in the Skywars Game

    So recently I uploaded a New Cubecraft video my first one in a long while I was curious what you guys thought and if there was any way I should improve it not.
  24. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Skyblock Leaderboard

    I think you should add a leaderboard too skyblock. what could the leader board be on? most [of certain crop] collected, most mob killed, stuff like that. I just think it would add something for people to aim for in skyblock.
  25. Cursedpug89

    Video No Diamond Armour Challenge! - Skywars

    Hope You Enjoy This Video it took us a while too win.
  26. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Are Hackers Getting Worse?

    SO! i was playing skywars and i encountered a hacker didn't get any evidence sadly because i wasn't recording. but i watched him fly out of the void and he killed one guy then came and fought me. he was in a chest still hitting me and then i got him low so he flew away to eat a gapple but didn't...
  27. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock A Couple of Suggestions for Skywars kits and lobby ideas

    Introduction: So... too start off I wanted to say i gathered some of these ideas from playing on the Java edition so i don't know how possible one of these ideas are. But! I was in the lobby looking at skywars kits to purchase as you do. and then i thought hey some of these kits look really fun...
  28. Cursedpug89

    Video Beating A Hacker and Consuming the Souls Of Children

    The Hacker We Encounter Appears at 11:52
  29. Cursedpug89

    Video Spooky Ender

    Today me and BigRooosteRTAIl7 play Ender
  30. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Auto clicker is becoming a problem

    Who else has noticed that auto clicker on bedrock has become a problem is skywars. you can hear when they are using it. because you can hear it when they are swinging like 20 times a second. and its hard to get a good footage of them cheating since the only evidence is an audio sound bit and you...
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