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  1. Cursedpug89

    Video KnockBack swords are fun

    thank you i definitely will!
  2. Cursedpug89

    Video KnockBack swords are fun

    thank you my goal with my videos is to make people smile and laugh so thank you that comment means a lot
  3. Cursedpug89

    All Networks New Gamemode For EGG WARS?

    It's extremely interesting and would probably be maybe a tad fun for like the first attempt but due to netherite being a 1.16 feature it most likely can't be added as well as netherite has the feature where knockback is basically next to 0 which would make combo's basically impossible or at the...
  4. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Pocket Edition feature addition

    he wants to be able to swing his sword or weapon at the air?
  5. Cursedpug89

    Video KnockBack swords are fun

  6. Cursedpug89

    YouTubers List - Bedrock

    Sorry I'm based In Canada and Oneshot is based in the US
  7. Cursedpug89

    Video Trapping In the luckiest of blocks

    If you have any feedback I would love too hear it.
  8. Cursedpug89

    YouTubers List - Bedrock

    I'm a CuberTuber or mostly Cubecraft content My IGN Is Cursedpug89 and my channel URL is https://www.youtube.com/c/Cursedpug89 My Friend OneShot Also Upload Cubecraft He is Mainly LuckyBlock Trapping his IGN is OneShotAtLif here's his youtube rank...
  9. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Me and the boys at 3 a.m.

    that's my way lol. play servers on bedrock and survival with friends and just survival in general on java.
  10. Cursedpug89

    Video skywars funny moments

  11. Cursedpug89

    Video Trapping clips that give me life.

    Feedback would be appreciated.
  12. Cursedpug89

    Video We got a diamond block in survival games!

    any feedback you have would be absolutely great thanks!
  13. Cursedpug89

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
  14. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Just feedback

    I like the cosmetic updates :(
  15. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Playtesting EVERY update you make.

    May I on the behalf of the cubecraft Player base thank you for taking your time out of your probably busy day to reply to this thread and give us some in sight. Most players will understand nothing can never be a hundred percent perfect something we as humans make is bound to have something bug...
  16. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Add Replay mode

    Java has a mod which is allowed to be used on the server called the replay mod so it's not exactly necessary on java but on bedrock we don't have access to that kind of mod which is why servers like hive are adding it. which is why I think cubecraft should add it. it would help with clips...
  17. Cursedpug89

    Video Burnt Espresso Montage (skywars)

    I will definitely Try thank you!
  18. Cursedpug89

    Video Cubecraft Skyblock part 1

    thank you
  19. Cursedpug89

    Video Cubecraft Skyblock part 1

    That's Definitely The Plan for episode 2 I wasn't sure what to do for episode 1 that's why it was like this. We are doing most of the quests Off camera and doing mining and resource collecting off camera as well. we want to show us collecting quests and doing fun stuff like funny moments well we...
  20. Cursedpug89

    Video Burnt Espresso Montage (skywars)

    Feedback Please!
  21. Cursedpug89

    Video Cubecraft Skyblock part 1

    If you guys could give feedback that would be great!
  22. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Some Eggwars Kit ideas.

    My last bump :(
  23. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Some Eggwars Kit ideas.

    This is a Bedrock Post Money bags isn't in Bedrock. this is a kit suggestion to add these kits to Bedrock.
  24. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Some Eggwars Kit ideas.

    I don't know if 15 is a good idea that is basically enough to rush mid and then a base next to you in solo's/duos. 5 is a pretty balanced kit I think. if you have a reason why 15 is more balanced then 5 I would love to hear it.
  25. Cursedpug89

    your opinion on early game rushers

    Usually it’s more fun to be the rusher but me and my friend usually get rushed around 3/10 of the games we play. It’s funny because rushers who don’t loot and just rush don’t usually have a weapon so my friend who just got bedrock can clean those fights pretty easily but he still has more fun...
  26. Cursedpug89

    What do you think is the most important skill for eggwars?

    as someone who’s been trapping more and more on cube I want to say trapping but in eggwars I’m a very rush heavy and smart player but I’m known to make bad decisions in heat of the moment which usually gets my duo killed.
  27. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Some Eggwars Kit ideas.

    I’ve used them I think once. Me and my duo used them because a team wouldn’t leave their base because they had punch bows and no egg so we farmed emeralds until the team decided to leave.
  28. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Some Eggwars Kit ideas.

    I didn’t even think of the emerald generator and it’s shop. I forgot it even existed I didn’t realize the emerald shop and generators were still in the game.
  29. Cursedpug89

    Bedrock Speed UHC.

    First of all yes I know UHC isn't very popular in the cubecraft community but just hear me out or at least give the thread a read before denying it. This is just an idea I would love to see in beta games maybe not become it's own full gamemode but just thought it might be an idea. What is Speed...
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