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  1. Iamspeed12345

    Bedrock The leveling up system in cubecraft should change.

    Hello and I want to discuss about the leveling up system on cubecraft bedrock .(and maybe java) I feel that in block wars CTF I have killed 12 people but our team lost because they were able to capture our flag once and and we were not able to capture theirs even once and it is sad to see that...
  2. Iamspeed12345

    Bedrock /sr does not function properly

    This has happened to me many times and whenever I come across a hacker I always do /sr but it either says it is out of time or something or says that the player has logged off and it is very irritating seeing that a hacker escaped :(.I have a way to resolve this problem: U guys can add (This...
  3. Iamspeed12345

    All Networks We are not getting new maps and updates.

    We are not getting new maps and updates on gamemodes like blockwars,bridges, eggwars,luckyblock and survival games. The games have now become kind of boring and no new items/maps are being made for a lot of gamodes as I have mentioned and please cubecraft get some new maps and some new items.I...
  4. Iamspeed12345

    All Networks Cubecraft should add Asian and NA servers

    Hello, I am a cubecraft player from asia and I love to play here but there is on problem. MY PING I lag soooooo much and a lot of people just get the ping advantage in pvp and as a pvper I really think good ping is important for pvp. Lets take an example: Hivemc When I open the servers list...
  5. Iamspeed12345

    This person is being toxic

  6. Iamspeed12345

    Bedrock Among slimes should be added to bedrock edition of cubecraft

    I feel that the bedrock edition of cubecraft has more players than java and since amoung slimes is a massive success cubecraft should add that to bedrock edition of cubecraft pls vote in the poll :) thank you.
  7. Iamspeed12345

    Bedrock Should add UHC gamemode

    Hi Minecraft UHC is one of the most famous mini games and has been requested by the cubecraft community a lot and I thing it would be awesome if it is added. There are over 30 youtubers that play minecraft UHC but unfortunatly it is extreamly difficult to play UHC in minecraft bedrock and since...
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