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    Bedrock 🎈Poll: Custom Hotbar Icons

    Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters! Today I'd like to discuss the new hotbar icons which seem to be receiving quite a lot of feedback, I've tried to gather most of the feedback to understand what the issue is, I've seen a totally mixed range such as just existing, the design, the white outline or their...
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    Bedrock 🎇 Poll: Lobby Titles & Prefix Changes

    Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters! Today we'd like to present yet another poll to you about prefixes & new lobby titles. The reason for this poll is because we have big plans for Bedrock and its chat and we'd like to view our options for clearing it up and making it more simple to read. Option 1: We...
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    Bedrock 🌎 Poll: Bedrock Map Selection

    Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters! Today we'd like to present a poll to you about a topic we recently discussed, we came up with two ideas so please read carefully and decide which you think is best, if you have a better idea then feel free to share and we'll see what we can do. Idea 1: Map selection...
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    Spring Skin Competition

    Welcome to the Official Spring Skin Competition! 🔨 For this skin competition we will be challenging you to create a sidekick for our character 'The Evil Bunny' who recently popped up in our Spring adventure game. Prizes 🎉 1st Place: Rank upgrade on Java or Rank of your choice on Bedrock. 2nd...
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    Bedrock Resource Pack: Scoreboards, Wands & More!

    Hey Bedrock CubeCrafters! Part of our plans for 2021 was to implement a resource pack for our Bedrock network - we're proud to be showing this off today! It's a bit short for now, but we have some exciting plans regarding this! ✨ 🗒️ Scoreboards! We've done a few touchups for our scoreboard -...
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    The Meme Awards 2020

    Welcome to the 3rd annual CubeCraft Meme Awards! This is a yearly community thread where we look back on the funniest and best memes of the entire year by giving awards to specific categories. These are chosen through likes and sometimes opinions...
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    The CubeCraft Staff Team

    We were using an outdated staff team screenshot from 2015 for one of our pages so I decided to make a newer one containing all the current staff, thought I'd show it off! Fun fact: the original raw screenshot I took is in 8K resolution, it was about 49mb in size...
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    CubeCraft Discord Redesign: Community Feedback

    Hello CubeCrafters, we've got exciting news for our Discord users. 💬 Introduction For the past week we have been working on an overhaul to the CubeCraft Discord, we passed this through Admins, then the staff team and now we're looking to show it off to you guys before hopefully launching later...
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    Artwork Story's Pixel Art Chain: June 🖍️

    Hey Folks, so last month I wanted to start creating some art again but I wasn't sure who to make stuff for because I love creating art as a gift, so I had an idea to start with one person and have them decide who I should do next and I would repeat this, creating a chain. Here is the results of...
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    Resource pack Submissions

    🤗 We want to help artists We want to support more creative work by offering our services in publishing your content, you will have the majority revenue share as a ‘Creator’ whereas we will have a minor revenue share as a ‘Publisher’. If you are working on a texture pack that is 80%-100%...
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    Video The SkyWars Chronicles 2: Return of the Tryhards

    Warning: There is one swear word from a random Labymod user, I censored it a little but I thought i'd mention it anyway. My LONG AWAITED (not really) sequel, it is 50% less funny, but 30% longer. It's basically identical to the first one but I tried to edit it a little differently. My next two...
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    Web [BUG] Scale oversized images

    Images that are too big shouldn't just place them as is, they should scale them down to a thumbnail size so you can generally see the whole picture, but they should be bigger on the profile page and also be scaled once clicked, similar to what signatures do. The scale they should be on the home...
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    Web [SUGGESTION] Change the spoiler "button"

    The current spoiler "button" is just text with a colon and I think it makes threads look super weird, most of the time it doesn't look like a button that you can press, I think the button that appears around it should be present always and the spoiler text should be removed entirely, to create...
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    Web [BUG] Discord button does not direct to our server link

    This little arrow button should direct to "discord.com/cubecraft" furthermore it also overwrites the website rather than opening in a brand new tab. EDIT: It does work, it just takes ages for some reason?
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    Web [BUG] "Find Topics" button does not direct anywhere

    This button you see on the far right doesn't direct anywhere, I think it's meant to direct to the "whats new" section.
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    Web [SUGGESTION] Remove "LiveLeak" from the list of approved media sites

    When you embed a media link, you can enter a url and it has a list of media sites that embed in a nice compact box, liveleak generally has zero content appropriate to CubeCraft so we should definitely cut it from the list of approved sites to send a media link for. Metacafe might be worth adding...
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    Web [BUG] Text sizes are inconsistent

    The text sizes on the new forums are consistent with other websites and software that generally have the same size. Here are 3 size 15's in this order: Google Docs PaintDotNet Beta Forums
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    Web [SUGGESTION] Make a reactions minimum to post images on profiles

    As we know using messages/posts for this causes farming, likes could work a bit better in this case. I feel like if we get spambots then we could have inappropriate images on the front page and generally making this feature a bit safer could be a good idea. Withholding the entire feature from...
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    Web [BUG] Attachments from current forums dont display

    This seems to be people who attach their images directly to the forums and display them in their posts that way, this is the CCG Memes thread on the new forums.
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    Web [SUGGESTION] Order "Today's Birthdays" by most messages/posts first

    The "today's birthdays" section (https://beta.cubecraft.net/members/) is alphabetical & useless on current forums and will be useless on new forums if it stays this way, we have so many throwaway accounts on our forums, ordering it by posts to show only the actual active members first would go a...
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    Web [SUGGESTION] Change Designer button colour

    The current Designer button on the profiles and likely other places looks more like Sales Support and nothing like the deep Cyan it has almost everywhere else. I request a slight amendment to that, here's a quick example.
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    Java Community Loot Suggestions

    Hello CubeCrafters! Today we thought it would be a good idea to get the community involved in our future loot content that me and a few other people will be working on for the network. Below I have listed the requirements to ensure that your content works correctly on the server however our...
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    Video The SkyWars Chronicles

    Socratias inspired me to start editing again, my man. Enjoy my video where I basically make fun of people with edits.
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    Artwork Dutudy's Big Brain - Pixel Art Animation

    Hello! As I said I would, I did a session where I took pixel art requests, sadly I got a bit ahead of myself and spent the entire 3 hours creating the first request, it was not meant to be an animation but I felt really inspired to make it due to a joke we made during the creation. We had a...
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    Artwork Spuuuni's Bucket Bear Pixel Art

    Hello! Over the past few days I was looking for something to create in my free time and I also like making stuff for others, I was obsessed with @Spuuuni 's skin and what it was based on so I made a pixel art of it. Our brave hero himself:
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    CubeCommunity Survival - 1.14 Season

    Hello everybody! Last month me and many members of the CubeCraft community reset our survival server for the 3rd time to begin 1.15 and we're having some great fun, today I asked some of our most active players to share their favourite screenshots from the last season of the server and here...
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    The Meme Awards 2019

    Welcome to the 2nd annual CubeCraft Meme Awards! This is my yearly thread where we break down the best memes of the year created by the community, we have set awards to give shoutouts to specific categories and memes. A lot of these are chosen through likes but some also use my opinion. I hope...
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    Artwork Story's Pixel Art Request Thread

    I'm continuing my parade of content by creating this pixel art thread, however this one directly needs people to be involved for it to work! In this thread I will create pixel art from requests, this is mainly for me to refine my 'skills' and also provide art into the community that they can...
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    Story's Movie Thread

    Hello guys and gals, over the years I have created many thread contributions on the forums, these are normally things that are helpful to others- however I have never taken the time to create something personal like many of you do. Many of you share your builds, survival world, models, artwork...
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