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  1. UncleSpect

    All Networks appeals list

    I want to talk about the newly implemented feature that hides the punishment history of player in the appeals site. I had an issue about it long time ago, I reported a player but the moderator punished him wrongly and I noticed it when I looked at the appeals site then I explained the situation...
  2. UncleSpect

    All Networks dragclick!!!

    Dragclicking, currently, is not punishable by staff, but sentinel only. I believe staff should be able to punish for dragclicking too, it caused me to lose many games. It's literally like auto clicker, but staff don't ban for it, it's absurd.
  3. UncleSpect

    my report closed.

    I asked a mod before I made the report and the report told me to do it, then the report was closed due to insufficient evidence by another mod, then I asked another mod and told me to do the report again and I did it again, this time it was accepted by another mod. i have a closed report on the...
  4. UncleSpect

    Discord turkish chat

    There are different channels for each country in cubecraft but there is no turkish chat and turkish people are everywhere can you add that? When added, they are selected from people who are active and assigned to control the chat.
  5. UncleSpect

    helper application

    I don't know how to apply for the helper. who can help me with this?
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