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  1. jtlg1234

    A Few Eggwars Suggestions

    1. I think there should be more 2 player per team maps. Many times me and 1 friend will be playing eggwars and we have to wait for toys because we don't want another person. 2. Second there should be more perks for killing. This will discourage camping and people will go for kills which will...
  2. jtlg1234

    Ranks on forums

    I think it would be cool if it showed your rank on the forums, as I have seen many do it. For example irons would be silver, lapis blue, gold gold, diamond light blue, and emerald green. I hope this isn't too hard to implement as it would be a cool thing to have (in my opinion). @rubik_cube_man...
  3. jtlg1234

    New way to use the spy bug

    you just jump off a big building a couple of times and then u run back and get the stuff. @halothe23 @rubik_cube_man @SGTkuzey
  4. jtlg1234


    I think it would be a good donated perk to ba able to do /fly in lobbys etc. Thanks, jtlg1234
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