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  1. Jukaido

    Java Assassinations and it’s potions issue.

    Ok, as we all know by now (from everyone complaining), assassinations hasn’t had an update in over 2 years. While I do find that a problem as well and I would love to see some new items/features in the game (Might make a thread about this as well) but first I need to discuss the potions in...
  2. Jukaido

    Escalated Auto lock threads.

    Hello everyone! I suggest that threads get auto locked to prevent "necro posting". The thread should get locked after 3 weeks of inactivity (3.4 - No Necro-posting. This is replying to threads which haven't been posted on within 3 weeks. They are not allowed to be revived. Does not apply to...
  3. Jukaido

    Java When you have proof but use laby....

  4. Jukaido


    Celebrating @sukubookoo 1000th wins!
  5. Jukaido

    Cubecraft superior

    When hypixels down :
  6. Jukaido

    Redstone Took me to long for to less

  7. Jukaido

    Builds When 8 players use 100% of brain

    Me and my friends got into a party and decided to completely fill a map. Here's what it turned out to be.
  8. Jukaido

    Web All cubecraft sites into one

    I think it would be a good idea to try to combine all cubecraft websites into 1 big website. When I click on reports I don’t want to go to another website and need another account. It would be way easier to have all of it in 1 big website with 1 account all in 1 location. Also implement dark...
  9. Jukaido

    Cuberaft mod tier list.

    Do you wonder what the best mod is? Do you wanna know? Or give your own opinion on it? I got you! Here you can make you own personal mod tier list! This is my opinion. Good luck.
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