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  1. LoveAndMafia

    Video Bruh Moment- Skywars

    Hi! I would like to share this clip that I just did in a team skywars game! Let me know what you think about this clip :b
  2. LoveAndMafia

    Video My best skywars chaos game!

  3. LoveAndMafia

    Bedrock 100 WINS IN BLOCKWARS!

  4. LoveAndMafia

    Lost conection.

    what does this mean? Whay that happens?
  5. LoveAndMafia

    Java Andalusian language

    HI CUBECRAFTERS!:cube_light: Today I suggest adding a new "language" to the game, Andalusian!! I know it is not an official language, but since it is in the game itself (from version 1.16), why not add it to cubecraft ?! I think that can be funny and interesting. -Who can be Andalusian...
  6. LoveAndMafia

    Java All the easter eggs at team skywars pre-lobby!

    Hi cubecrafters! Today I bring you where are the easter eggs of the pre-lobby of team skywars! There you go!!
  7. LoveAndMafia

    GG Hard parkour

  8. LoveAndMafia

    Java Parkour Leaderboard

    Hello cubecrafters! ENG 🇬🇧 As everyone knows, there is a parkour in the lobby, where the time appears when you finish it. What do I suggest? I suggest that a leaderboard be set on the hologram of the time you took and the command /parkour leaderboard. I think that can be interesting to the...
  9. LoveAndMafia

    Discord Update!

    The new discord update!
  10. LoveAndMafia

    100.000 Points!!

    Hello cubecrafters, today I have reach 100.000 points and I wanted to share with you!
  11. LoveAndMafia

    Web Easter Eggs

    Hello everybody! Today I propose to the administration team of the website to add some "easter egg". The Easter Eggs are hidden messages that programmers hide in their work. They usually appear in a humorous way and have no other function than to surprise the user. What is gained by this...
  12. LoveAndMafia

    Something typical of your country

    Hello cubecrafters! Today, I thought of a game that could be quite fun: You have to comment on something typical of your country, and others will have to guess where you are from. If someone guesses it, like their comment. Please avoid answering those that have already been answered. Have...
  13. LoveAndMafia

    1000 broken eggs

    The tittle say that :P
  14. LoveAndMafia

    Hidden chest FOUND!!!

    I was with @Sergiio12 and @Maikycrack . He have do the screenshot because i could not :c
  15. LoveAndMafia

    FFA above the FFAmap

  16. LoveAndMafia

    Web Reply on your profile

    Hi! Today my suggestion is add a "reply|quoted" in the porfile post. I think it would be useful, thus avoiding directly mentioning and replying to a user's message. Would be : _AyJee: In a party! CraftCreatures: Nice! Maikycrack: Have fun! |"CraftCreatures said" | Nice! _AyJee: Yes...
  17. LoveAndMafia

    How To Train Your Dragon

    I was Hippo and Maikycrack was Desdentao What are these characters called in your country? Let meknow :D
  18. LoveAndMafia


    Good. It has been a pleasure to share with you all these 5 years that I have been playing on this server, but I am permanently banned. I had a friend, with whom I got along very well, but as I started to play with a person who he dislikes, I began to dislike him. I was playing with him...
  19. LoveAndMafia


    BOAT PARTY with the guys! @FerminTorno18 @Minero1121 @DavidAris
  20. LoveAndMafia

    Old Times🔙🔙

    Cuando @AlexpYT192 y @elchuii eran unos simples usuarios... xD When @ AlexpYT192 and @elchuii were simple users ... xD
  21. LoveAndMafia

    Java No Bow Mode

    Hi! I would like to make public an idea that occurred to me: Put a "Projectiles" voting mode, in which you could vote if you want there to be bows or not.
  22. LoveAndMafia

    My SkyWars Map Tier

  23. LoveAndMafia

    Java Not doing anything

  24. LoveAndMafia

    Java Unlimited reports

    [ESP]:Buenas! Me gustaría dar mi opinión a cerca de el tema de reportes, ya que me parece que los que tenemos rango tenemos muy pocos reportes. No me suele pasar mucho, pero hoy ya gasté todos mis reportes y varios de ellos no han sido respondidos y he perdido mis reportes. Mi sugerencia es que...
  25. LoveAndMafia

    The best Skywars Map?

    What is your favorite skywars map? Why?
  26. LoveAndMafia

    Not bow mode.

    Good, I would like that in the voting section of the launchers, it could be voted that there are no bows, to avoid chaos ... I think quite a few people would support me, as not all of us like bowing.
  27. LoveAndMafia

    Duels in 1.8

    Hi! I think that you could put the "duels" mode in 1.8, it seems to me that it is a good idea since there you can measure yourself in pvp with your party mates or other players without having to change servers.
  28. LoveAndMafia

    Thats so sad xd

    I hate when i record a hacker and report him in the game and the sentinel ban him xd
  29. LoveAndMafia

    The lobby

    Lately the lobby is lagging a lot. why?
  30. LoveAndMafia

    The Lobby

    I think that the builders can put a easter egg in the lobby
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