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  1. Nyu

    Serious Insult

    Ok there are some people who plays mc who is NOT Us people but also from other country. I'm from Asia/South Korea and every time I join this server, here are some words that I hear from other players. "Kid your Asian Shut up" "Don't they teach genders in China" "F*ckin Asian stfu" etc. This...
  2. Nyu

    Rules for Assassination

    There isn't a lot of staffs inside the Assassination server so I suggest putting signs with rules written! It should be like this 1.) Do not use inappropriate language 2.) No hacking 3.) No bullying 4.) Respect to another 5.) No trolling Ok rule No.5 is VERY important. Word "Trolling" in the...
  3. Nyu


    I suggest to make a staff application section so everyone can apply for moderator. Create some creative questions and players needs to answer them. If they met some requirements for a staff, they will get accepted and support the server!
  4. Nyu

    Assassin Money

    I wish you can BUY coins with money. like 1000 coins = $10 2000 coins = $20. Like this.
  5. Nyu


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