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  1. _JoSee

    Java What's your favorite Skywars Game mode?

    Hello 💙 Basically I was thinking about what the community thinks and I would like to know your answer, Skywars is a game mode that has a huge number of players, therefore it is divided into two game modes which is Solo Skywars and Team Skywars. I would love to know the opinion of each of you...
  2. _JoSee

    Web Should leaderboard be back on forums?

    Hello CubeCrafters! I wanted to come up with a suggestion which is should the leaderboard be implemented on forums again? -As some of us may remember a while ago we had a section where we could see the top players of each game mode on forums, this allowed us not only the requirement to be in...
  3. _JoSee

    Java A better place for the hall of fame (Leaderboard)

    Hello! With this thread I will use it for a suggestion about giving more priority to Leaderboard players. As we all know the last update has been good but there is something that I do not finish to like this is the position where Leaderboard players are. I agree that they keep saving the 200th...
  4. _JoSee

    Objective, get the 1st Leaderbord [TeamSkywars]

    I hope I can achieve it as soon as possible! ^^
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