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  1. SameeraCat

    Bye Bye Forums

    Hai guys..... Before you say anything, NO. I am not quitting the cubecraft server. I am afraid that I must quit cubecraft forums as I get bullied, ignored and disrespected practically all the time. (Not only stones, donors that were my friends too) I have been on cubecraft ever since i started...
  2. SameeraCat

    Share Your Fav Images!

    so I decided to make something quite interesting. The title is quite self explanatory unless you need me to explain some more. Basically you post some of your fav images on this thread and share itt! No inappropriate images or further action will be taken. @TattyTeddy45671 might like this idk why xD
  3. SameeraCat

    SameeraCat AMA!

    ask me anything! No spamming, swearing etc. I'll answer as many as I can! :)
  4. SameeraCat

    Making Avatars!

    Hey, I'll be making avatars for people. All you gotta do is include the details which you would like. Gender: Hair colour: Anime/Average eyes: Derp face yes/no: Lol. I can make all sorts of stuff like that for yh lots Also, include accessories and a background colour you would like. :)
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