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  1. YoshiGameplayX

    Denied Content Creators with their "pg kicks"

    Hello if you're reading this. Glad you've been into here. So, recenly an Streamer on Twitch was live and every "ranked player" he/she saw in her private game got kicked from the game. So I joined and yes I got kicked because I'm probably too good for you. Isn't it abusing your perk? Like, with...
  2. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Solo Maps - 1.12 Update

    Hello everyone! Yesterday we've received the 1.12 maps and they're good in my opinion. I really enjoy to play it. It really annoys me there are no new Solo maps right now and my friends agreed. They're kinda mad and they just want Solo maps because I have the feeling CubeCraft forgot Solo games...
  3. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Plus Rank - Private Games

    Hello everyone! Since @YoshiWRLD & I really like to play Private games, for example EggWars 1v1's we did it's really annoying to clear a hole game for yourselfs to have a good fight. I really like to play games against good players in a private match, and only YouTubers and Staff members can...
  4. YoshiGameplayX

    10.000 Solo SkyWars Wins - YoshiGameplayX

    Hello everyone! I've made it to 10.000 Solo SkyWars Wins! I want to thank all of you and some people who have motivated me a lot! @YoshiWRLD - Thanks for being here and such helped me for a very long time during this time man! You motivated me so much and thank you for that, little brother...
  5. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Solo Skywars - Bunny Map Chests

    Hello! In the new Easter map Bunny you have 2 chests which are too overpowerd. I mean, the starter islands. We have 2 chests on our islands. Which is not the problem but the items are way to much for Solo Skywars starter islands. Examples: As you can see, you are really strong with full...
  6. YoshiGameplayX

    Denied Wing Rush Waiting Time

    Hello Everyone! When you finished your Wing Rush game when you finished first you need to wait for the #2 & #3 so the countdown starts. Which is kinda corrupt in my opinion. Everybody who finished 2nd or 3rd leaves instantly so the waiting is longer and it's just boring. My solution is that...
  7. YoshiGameplayX

    9000 Solo SkyWars wins! HetIsJop/YoshiGameplayX

    Hai! I got 9.000 wins and want to do a big thank you to people who motivated me. Thanks to @YoshiWRLD , @Mrtin , @xReqix , iLeonxrd, Joeywastaken_, Zwiqz and many more people! Thank you for being in the stream! Let's get that 10.000 wins very fast!
  8. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Traiding System For Duplicate Cubelets

    Hello everyone! 😀 Today I will talk about cubelets. You open one and you get a reward back, like a nice hat, clothes, win effects, miniatures, etc... A lot of them are duplicate by some people and they want to trade, that means they traid a item for an item. But they want to do it with a...
  9. YoshiGameplayX

    Slime Survival Survivor wins bugged

    So, in my stats it says I have 100 Survivor wins and in my achievements 105? Is this a bug or something and which wins do I have what's right?
  10. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Team Lucky Islands Mistycal - No Wood on beginning islands!

    Hello everyone! In Team Lucky Islands in the map Mystical you don't have wood logs on your starter island. You can cut wood but those are planks which takes really long. Why not adding a couple logs for some blocks or sticks? It isn't that hard. Just on the flat area some wood or at the...
  11. YoshiGameplayX

    8000 Solo SkyWars wins! - YoshiGameplayX

    Haiii ^-^! Today I got the 8000 wins in Solo SkyWars! We are getting close to the 10k! I just wanted to show this! 😀 Thanks for everyone who motivated me! Special thanks to @YoshiWRLD , @Atiyaa , Wartin & @ReTear!
  12. YoshiGameplayX

    Bee Shield

    Hello! So with the new voting system you can get a Bee Shield at day 5 which I am on. You see that I have him in my "loot" at hotbar 3. But I didn't received it. I put my shields on date unlocked which means it'll show you when you got it, from getting it to the first shield you got. And you...
  13. YoshiGameplayX

    7000 Solo SkyWars Wins - YoshiGameplayX

    let me flex dude, road to 10k and maybe top 5! 🤪
  14. YoshiGameplayX

    My name is filtered

    So okay hi! So basiclly when people say my name in chat, it doesn't show up, I have pings on. I don't why my name doesn't show up but can this be fixed because I can't see my name and the message. IGN: YoshiGameplayX
  15. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Normal Chests is kinda unbalanced in SkyWars

    Hello! So this thread is going to be about Normal SkyWars. I see a really lot of people complain about the Normal chest items because it's not balanced. I agree it's not balanced. I really like to play Normal mode because it's much stronger than Basic and in my opinion you have better fights...
  16. YoshiGameplayX

    6000 Solo SkyWars wins! -YoshiGameplayX / SpookyYoshi

    Hello! I finally reached 6k wins without tryharding! 🤣 Really happy that I achieved this, I don't have a life.
  17. YoshiGameplayX

    Web Change "Java Reports" to "Reports"

    Hello everyone! I'm gonna talk about the thing in the left menu thingy, it says Java reports and if you click on it you can report a Java player. It also says report a Bedrock player and you can report a bug, either website bugs as in-game bugs. So that means you don't only report Java reports...
  18. YoshiGameplayX

    2 PvP Bugs

    Hello! 1. I don't know CubeCraft does know this bug, we as players can play 1 duel map and that's it, I don't know why it is like that. But when the new update came I couldn't join any new map or something, it's a bit weird. Is this a bug? 2. Second of all, in FFA if you died once you...
  19. YoshiGameplayX

    Carving Chaos Tryhard here

    Well, almost 3 days since the Halloween update came and tryharded the new minigame! 😂 Let's stay on top 1 because some people are hunting on me and let's go for 300! 😂
  20. YoshiGameplayX

    How to complete this one?

    Hi, I play a lot of Carving Chaos, and 1 of them is impossible to beat for me? You know how you got this one? It's about that floating button Also, the new minigame is awesome! 😁 🤩
  21. YoshiGameplayX

    Video Yoshi vs HackersDontWin

    Hai! Since @HackersDontWin streams a lot on his Twitch and I kill him sometimes I've decided to make with @YoshiWRLD a compilation. Also, HackersDontWin kills me too, so don't think he's a noob because I'm bad too in this game. Also, I don't hate HackersDontWin, this video for the lol made by...
  22. YoshiGameplayX

    Video Skywars but with spleefing and layers

    Hey! ☺ I've uploaded a new video! I played Layer Spleef and imma show you how it turned out! (Again editted by @YoshiWRLD because I suck at that, ty) Note: The video is a joke, also the end game! Have fun! 😁
  23. YoshiGameplayX


    Hi all! 😀 I recorded some games today and I wanted to share those games with the community! Also, big thanks to @YoshiWRLD for editing the video! :heart: Hope you'll enjoy! (Maybe too loud music. No music at the end, we'll work on this!)
  24. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Disabling the CubeCraft Resource Packs

    Hello! 🙂 As you know, CubeCraft has 2 resource packs, 1 for Lucky Islands and 1 for Battle Zone. Well, you only can disable them for logging out and you can join the server back. But when you actually play with packs they may can lag a bit and if you want to play a different game, for example...
  25. YoshiGameplayX

    Favorite maps? Solo and Team

    Hi! A couple days ago I saw a thread about what your favorite maps are in SkyWars, so I'm curious what your favorite maps are in Lucky Islands and maybe maps you hate, because why not? 😝 Ok, let's start with me: Solo: Favorite Maps: Clouds, Savannah, Western, Stranded, Pond, Luck Okay...
  26. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Snowman Survival or Present Rush comes back?

    Hello! So, I had a conversation what should come back at Christmas, at Halloween it will probably be Ender again (I hope so) but there were some differences and opinions between people who wanted this or that. So, I'm actually asking you guys, what do you like more? Snowman Survival or Present...
  27. YoshiGameplayX

    Fire Sword Durability

    Wassup, it's me! So actually I really like to play Lucky Island but there is something what I actually don't like, the Fire Sword, not that he isn't good because it is, but I think it's too overpowerd. It's so easy to use. But why? First of all: It can reach a player very easily, its quite...
  28. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Wood it too overpowerd in EggWars

    Hi CubeCrafters! I think wood is too OP in EggWars, for a few iron you can buy a wood block. Nobody really uses an axe, it's too expensive for people to buy an axe to break 1 wood block. It's still a nice feature to have wood in my opinion but it's to cheap to defend your egg, nobody can't go...
  29. YoshiGameplayX

    Java Hateful/Swear Names on Name Tags

    Hello CubeCrafters! So recently I like to play Lucky Islands, and you also can receive a cat or a dog from lucky blocks. But what has happened sometimes is that people give a "name tag" where I really think about something, what's up in your mind of giving a name like that. And I mean... BAD...
  30. YoshiGameplayX

    What do you like better? 1.8 or 1.9 PvP?

    Hello Everyone! So, recently I heard a lot of people love 1.8 PvP while they're playing on CubeCraft. But I actually played 1.8 these days and it's actually fun but some games take because not every game is full. The only games I see there are popular on Cube's 1.8 are Solo SkyWars and Team...
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