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  1. Zillu

    Denied A new game idea: Deathrun beta!

    Title of Minigame: Deathrun Note: I'm aware that this has been a populair minigame on HiveMC (Java) for a long time, however, due to HiveMC closing it's door on April 15th, I feel like this is a great opportunity for CubeCraft to jump in and also like Lime said, let them continue playing the...
  2. Zillu

    Skins Wumpus skin :3

    So I've been making some skins for awhile now because it's fun to do and I actually enjoy it. 😆 I wanted to share some of my skins with you guys and I hope you like it! :3 The first skin I'm gonna show is Wumpus! My all-time favorite skin. I think he looks adorable 🥺 Wumpus is actually someone...
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