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  1. unbarredchart70

    Count to 1,000,000

  2. unbarredchart70

    ⚠️ NOTICE: We're updating our network to 1.12.2!

    Yeah let’s go Let’s go jaaa I share your sadness I don’t doubt anything
  3. unbarredchart70

    Java Saying bad things in chat

    I agree Indeed👍🏻 Yeah
  4. unbarredchart70

    Count to 1,000,000

  5. unbarredchart70

    📜 Recruitment Revamp!

    Really love it 😍
  6. unbarredchart70

    📜 Recruitment Revamp!

  7. unbarredchart70

    ⚔️ Battle Arena fully released!

    Wow! 🤩
  8. unbarredchart70

    Introducing the Sentinel Report Command!

    Woooo! 🤩🤩
  9. unbarredchart70

    🌎🎉 CubeCraft now available in North America!

    Noice , that is awsome!!
  10. unbarredchart70

    Spring Build Competition

    I should win because im Belgian , it’s reason enough right🙃 Otherwise we wouldn’t have any fries in the world
  11. unbarredchart70

    Bedrock Map feedback Eggwars

    It is squads lol
  12. unbarredchart70

    Bedrock Map feedback Eggwars

    Hi there I would like to say a few things about the beach map. Overall the map is good because the diamond generators are in the middle island and not on the team islands so therefore the random teammates cannot camp and steal all of it when you upgrade the generators, but the diamond...
  13. unbarredchart70

    Bedrock Knockback

    Fellow Cubecrafters So I don’t want to complain but the thing is when i hit a player he barely moves a block but when enemies hit me i fly three or four blocks a way and especially in eggwars it was the cause of my dead many times. I don’t know what to do about this so if anyone can help that...
  14. unbarredchart70


    Thx man appreciate it
  15. unbarredchart70


    When i typ something in chat my friend cannot see my message and the other way around, but i can see messages from random players which doesn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion.
  16. unbarredchart70

    UnbarredChart’s introduction

    Hi everyone, i play for several years on Cubecraft but only discovered the forums by now. Gaming is my passion and hobby. i hope i will be accepted in the community and i can help this server to another level!
  17. unbarredchart70

    Spring Build Competition

    no only one person gets the reward i think
  18. unbarredchart70

    Spring Build Competition

    UnbarredChart70 ~ bedrock This is the complete lobby based upon the regular lobby of Cubecraft. I put a lot of effort in it and as you can see it has all to do with spring and even the evil bunny which is made a bit creepy but also original. It contains also a zeppelin and some chocolate eggs...
  19. unbarredchart70

    Spring Build Competition

    UnbarredChart70 ~ Bedrock
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