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  1. Grove

    Skins Grove's Skins (Pt. 8)

    Hey everyone! It's been a bit since I've made a thread showing off what I'm working on, but I've been pretty busy! I have 2 threads worth of skins I'm planning on posting asw :D The usual disclaimer: I'm not the creator of some base skins! I take a lot of inspiration from things I find on NameMC...
  2. Grove

    Forwarded Among Slimes Suggestion

    Hey everyone! I noticed yesterday while playing Among Slimes that the game can start with only 3 people in lobby. The problem with this is that the game essentially can't last for more than a minute or two- as either the imposter wins by sabotaging then killing, or an emergency meeting is called...
  3. Grove

    Skins Grove's Skins (Pt. 7)

    Helloooo! It's been a little bit, but I got a lot of new skins! If I counted correctly, this should be my largest thread with a whole 12 new skins I made! I also got around to figuring out spoilers, so slightly new format as well! *The usual disclaimer: I am not the creator of a lot of the base...
  4. Grove

    Java Among Slimes Rule Suggestion

    Hey guys! This was something I noticed recently after encountering it in a game that has to do with trolling. Here is a rough scenario: A body gets reported [Blue] "It's white" [Purple] "Why is it white?" [Blue] "Trust me, it's white" White gets voted out, and...
  5. Grove

    Skins Grove's Skins (Pt. 6)

    Helloooo! I'm back with another little skin showcase! I'm starting to focus on more themes for each part now, and the theme for this is Lobby Inspo! That basically means that I ran around the Java lobbies and looked around for inspiration based off of other people's skins! *The usual disclaimer...
  6. Grove

    Skins Grove's Skins (Pt. 5)

    Helloooo! I'm back with a few more skins! @FinixlyIsCool requested a pretty cool idea that I was going to include in this thread, but it's a little bit of a challenge so hopefully I'll be able to show it next time! *The usual disclaimer: I am not the creator of a lot of the base skins I used for...
  7. Grove

    Skins Grove's Skins (Pt. 4)

    Heyoooo! I made a few more skins and it's time to share :3 This is the last time I'll link the previous threads: Original Thread || Second Thread || Third Thread Recolors: I made a recolored hoodie and then a skin I'll call "Ghrost" (Grove + Ghost) Logo: Only made one of these but I'm...
  8. Grove

    Skins Grove's Skins (Pt. 3)

    So admittedly, I was kind of slacking on making more skins :3. However, I got around to making some more recently and it's time to share them! For anyone who hasn't seen my little "skin saga" before: Original Thread || Second Thread *The usual disclaimer: I am not the creator of a lot of the...
  9. Grove

    Skins Grove's Skins (Pt. 2)

    Helloooo! It's been about a week since I last shared some skins I made (Original Thread Here) and I've made some more since then! *Another disclaimer: I am not the creator of a lot of the base skins I used for editing onto my own, but I still had a lot of fun doing this and hope to get a little...
  10. Grove

    Skins Grove's Skins

    Hey guys! Something a lot of people probably don't know about me is I've recently taken an interest in making different outfits/modifications to my own skin. I figured since I've made a few now that I should share them! *Disclaimer: I am not the creator of a lot of the base skins I used for...
  11. Grove

    Favorite Type of Noodle/Pasta?

    I think the topic says it all already, what’s your guys’ favorites? Those bowtie shaped noodles are superior, change my mind :)
  12. Grove

    Grove’s Introduction

    Hey everyone! I’m Grove :) Feel free to call me whatever you want to or think is funny though, it’s a little running joke with some friends of mine to come up with a silly nickname or play on my name. I’m nobody new to the forums (first joined on another account around 2017) but recently...
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