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  1. jpts

    Bedrock Skywars Suggestions

    Recently, I've been having a lot of fun playing the Java server of CubeCraft, and I've noticed the bedrock server is lacking many features that the Java server has. Here are some things that I'd like to see on bedrock: Removal of gravestones - This is a tricky one. They make it easier to get...
  2. jpts

    Bedrock Projectile + Knockback Delay

    since the new knockback has been released, ive noticed some strange stuff in terms of delay. theres about a 0.5 second delay in both projectiles and knockback, and id like to see this get fixed. its a pain for people with high ping, and ive seen people complain about it. i have a clip below...
  3. jpts

    Bedrock Duels update

    Ok, from what I have seen, i've noticed a few flaws with the duels mode, and have come up with some ways to improve it. 1. Build limit - Sky basers are annoying in duels, right? The build limit is way too high in my opinion, as it easily allows for some people to skybase. The build limit should...
  4. jpts

    Bedrock Improved Knockback

    I personally think this server needs better knockback. Perhaps one where you could get greater combos and wtapping is useful?
  5. jpts

    Bedrock pvp mode

    i think a pvp mode would be a great addition to the bedrock version, including the ffa and duels. i personally think a ranked mode should be added, because it may prevent mouse and keyboard players from going against mobile players all of the time. i'd like this to be added because then there...
  6. jpts

    Bedrock ranked sw

    i personally think ranked sw should be added, whats your thoughts on this?
  7. jpts

    Bedrock eggwars performance issues

    i posted this here because this is kinda like a suggestion thingy. Sometimes when i play Eggwars, i get major frame drops. This usually happens about 3 minutes into the game. This may be due to the amount of gold, iron and diamond being produced. A way of fixing this may be when a team gets...
  8. jpts

    Bedrock Ways i think SkyWars could improve

    I'm not sure if im meant to post this in the SkyWars part or not, lol Ok, lets get onto the first idea. Fishing Rods - Due to 1.16 having Java rod mechanics, i think it would be a great day to add them as they can be useful to getting combos. I have heard that CubeCraft is still behind the...
  9. jpts

    Bedrock Ways i think CubeCraft could improve

    1. Duels - I think would be an amazing addition to the network. With this, players could practice and improve their PvP skills. 2. Knockback - I feel like this server needs better knockback, perhaps one where you could w-tap. Controller players can also do this by flicking the joystick for...
  10. jpts

    Rewards for levels

    I was thinking you guys could add rewards every 10 levels or something. For example, if i reach level 10, i could unlock a new kit in skywars or eggwars, or even a trail for any gamemode. This also suggets that you could add kits for each gamemode that you can unlock too. With these new...
  11. jpts

    Bedrock (Bedrock Edition) Duels

    There aren't many good duels servers out there on MCPE, and I know there are Duels on the Java server. Maybe in the future they could add Duels??
  12. jpts

    All Networks Website stats

    I was thinking you guys should add a system where you can check your stats online. Also include with this a ranking thing so you can see where you are on the leaderboards compared to everyone else, even if you aren't in the top 50 in-game leaderboards.
  13. jpts

    Bedrock Survival Games teams

    So me and my friend love Survival Games. We recently moved from Lifeboat to CubeCraft. So we are asking is a teams mode for SurvivalGames in development. I'm sure many others want this too. Thanks!
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