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  1. Gunoy

    Java Team Skywars colors

    Ah yes, you’re right! I didn’t consider the amount of teams some maps have.
  2. Gunoy

    Java Team Skywars colors

    Hey! I have an idea for Team Skywars and I’d like to hear your opinions. When you play Team Eggwars, you get sorted into a team based on a color, for example team yellow. In Team Skywars you get sorted into a team based on a number. Every enemy team is displayed as red with their team number...
  3. Gunoy

    Eggwars kit suggestion - Egg armour kit

    I totally agree!
  4. Gunoy

    Sad moment

    Happened to me way more often than I’d like to admit
  5. Gunoy

    Remove enderpearls, add "Enderwand"

    Even though it sounds nice, I don’t think enderpearls should be removed entirely. I haven’t experienced any glitches with enderpearls and having the enderwand would probably be way too overpowered, because players can teleport away unlimited times. Even though wands have a cooldown, people...
  6. Gunoy

    Video Skywars in 360°

    This is amazing! You did a great job 😄 I'm definitely liking this video.
  7. Gunoy

    Welcome to the new forums

    This looks so neat, great job!
  8. Gunoy

    Solved Generating/Joining Arena issues

    If you record it and follow the steps, you can report it as a game bug so it can get fixed. What happens after you join a not fully generated world? Are you able to hit your opponents when they can’t hit you?
  9. Gunoy

    Artwork minecraft skin with my cat

    That looks so cute! Especially love that you drew your cat as well
  10. Gunoy

    An Adventure With Skins (Bedrock Performance Update/Bugfixes)

    Amazing work, keep it up!
  11. Gunoy

    Builds Quick update of what I'm building

    This looks amazing! I especially love the big flowers
  12. Gunoy

    You were a great moderator, thanks for everything and take care! ❤️

    You were a great moderator, thanks for everything and take care! ❤️
  13. Gunoy


  14. Gunoy

    My introduction!

    Welcome to the forums!
  15. Gunoy

    Lucky Island kits

    I always use the Diamond kit as well! Most maps I play have dead bushes so getting sticks is rather easy as well.
  16. Gunoy

    Woooooooooo, I won 200 WINS on solo sw!!

    Good job!
  17. Gunoy


  18. Gunoy

    still asleep

    still asleep
  19. Gunoy

    Video Destroying Friends in Skywars

  20. Gunoy

    Video jumping around with tnt

    I’m impressed dang
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