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  1. Dualninja

    Denied Arcade Games!

    Introduction Hi, I have a suggestion about adding many of the Arcade Games that are on Java, to Bedrock. For anyone that doesn't know, Java has a rotational Arcade gamemode called Featured Games. Cubecraft Bedrock currently doesn't have many casual games and several Arcade Games would solve...
  2. Dualninja

    All Networks A possible April fools prank for 2022

    Introduction With the amount of nons who want BedWars. Why not change the name of EggWars to BedWars, for 1 day on April fools. Change nothing else, just change the name to BedWars for April fools.
  3. Dualninja

    Does Cubecraft support Minecraft China Edition?

    Introduction As many people know, China has it's own version of Minecraft. Fit with censorship and less animal cruelty. But does Cubecraft support any servers there?
  4. Dualninja

    WaspBrain or something...

    WaspBrain or something, idk I'm not a sweat.
  5. Dualninja

    Bedrock /sr should show no rank instead of :Stone:

    Introduction Sentinel reporting was recently added and it's 🎉. But on Bedrock if someone doesn't have a rank, it shows :Stone:! This would make sense on Java where Stone rank exists, but on Bedrock it should just show nothing. Incase anyone is wondering what it looks like currently, here it...
  6. Dualninja

    All Networks On the topic of concrete...

    :cube_light:On the topic of concrete:cube_light: With Cubecraft updating to 1.12.2, many new opportunities have been opened. Including new building blocks, mainly concrete, concrete powder and glazed terracotta. These new blocks can be applied to Cubecraft in many creative ways. Note: I've...
  7. Dualninja

    Bedrock If you don't have a rank, you shouldn't see map selection.

    Introduction So, map selection was recently introduced and it's amazing (even though there are no announcements yet)! Yet there's 1 problem with it. The problem Even if you don't have the rank to vote for a map, the menu still pops up. This takes time and feels somewhat unnecessary! So I...
  8. Dualninja

    Why isn't my hack client working

    I went on to Cubecraft Java and my hack client wasn't working plz fix this cubecraft.
  9. Dualninja

    Divide until staff interrupts!

    Introduction Hi, I got this new idea for a forums game, it's called divide until staff interrupts! The rules are simple, we divide 32748 by 2, until a staff member interrupts. Once a staff member interrupts, we start again at 32748 and we win if we hit 0. I'll start at 32748!
  10. Dualninja

    Denied A new rank system...

    Introduction So, the Bedrock rank system isnt the best. I've heard many people complain about it and I know this is controversial but, I think the Java rank system should be ported to Bedrock. With some changes to fit to Bedrock of course. For anyone that doesn't know, Java has universal ranks...
  11. Dualninja

    All Networks Introducing a public roadmap!

    Introduction Hey, I got this idea that Cubecraft should introduce a public roadmap. When Cubecraft revamped how suggestions are handled, they said they wanted to be more transparent with the community and a public roadmap would be perfect for that! What is a public roadmap? A public roadmap...
  12. Dualninja

    Discord Bring back the "Java · Eggwars" channel!

    Bring back the "Java · Eggwars" channel So as many of you know, on discord there is only two Java text channels currently. Being Java and Java · Skyblock. There used to be more bit they weren't very active, so they were removed. Yet I believe a Java · Eggwars channel would be moderately...
  13. Dualninja

    Animated loot👀👀

    Cubecraft has recently teased new animated lootfor bedrock and I'm so excited. they teased 2 things, a cage and what appears to be a win effect. So here they are. How excited is everyone for these, hopefully they come soon enough. The designers are getting better and better.
  14. Dualninja

    Bedrock Daily XP, Daily rank XP and monthly leaderboard rewards.

    Introduction On Java, there is a chest. Which gives Daily XP, voting rewards and rank exclusive daily XP. I believe that something like this, should be added to Bedrock. How it could work on Bedrock On Bedrock you could walk up to a 3d model, Which looks like a chest. And click on it to open a...
  15. Dualninja

    Bedrock Arcade games❗️

    Introduction I and many others, would love to see an arcade lobby on Bedrock. It could serve as a home for all the casual, and less popular games on Cubecraft. It wouldn't work like the Arcade on Java though. As Bedrock has enough players, to have it be it's own lobby. With each gamemode having...
  16. Dualninja

    Implemented Add launchpads to game lobbys.

    Add launchpads to game lobbys! So with the new Easter hub, two launchpads were added at spawn. This was a great addition, as you could get to the portals quicker. I believe this should also be added, to the game lobbys. Especially because there is no game selector, for gamemodes inside of the...
  17. Dualninja

    Multiply to 1 million!

    Multiply to 1,000,000 Let's try and multiply all the way to 1,000,000. Hopefully we'll get there, and a lot quicker than by addition. Let's multiply by 2, I'll start.
  18. Dualninja

    Bedrock Lobby games on Bedrock!

    Introduction: Lobby games are minigames on Java, that you can play in the main lobby. They mainly focus on exploring the lobby, and they come in many different varieties. Although they do not exist on Bedrock. And I believe they should be added to the Bedrock version. (Lobby games on Java use...
  19. Dualninja

    Bedrock Lucky islands, and it's future.

    Introduction: Lucky islands is the 4th most popular game, on Cubecraft Bedrock. Yet it still feels unpolished, and like it could use a little bit of love. So here are some suggestions I'm compiled, about how to improve it. The loot table: The loot table for lucky islands is... strange. It...
  20. Dualninja

    Bedrock Update the server to 1.16.40

    Why should the servers be updated: So the Bedrock servers are outdated, and it's causing some issues. Because Bedrock itself. Has become a lot less laggy, and a lot less buggy. Over the last few versions. In fact many of Cubecraft's Bedrock's bugs, come from the servers being outdated. And even...
  21. Dualninja

    Web Add the Hype reaction to implemented threads.

    So recently the Hype! reaction was added to news threads. But I believe it would also fit perfectly in to implemented threads! Then we can really show our excitement. When a really good thread gets implemented.
  22. Dualninja

    Skywars loot changes!

    Just replace all items with gold swords and sometimes wooden ones.
  23. Dualninja

    Bedrock A solution to lag in lobbys.

    My solution to lag in lobbys When I was playing the Easter event. I noticed a significant drop in lag, when I turned player visibility to nobody, or friends and party. So my suggestion is make an option in the settings. To turn player visibility in lobbies, to freinds and party or to nobody...
  24. Dualninja

    Bedrock Rescale the title and subtitle text back to before.

    So just today, a change was made to text that appears on screen. Like in minerware, when it tells you what the next microgame. And it is way to small if you don't know what I'm talking about. Just play a game of minerware, or any game that has text appear on screen. And I do agree that the text...
  25. Dualninja

    Bedrock New game: Bounty

    So I just got this idea for a new game, that's similar to assassination on java. or FFA. But far more fast paced. And everyone does in one hit. How the game works: So how the game works is, you start in a room and pick a kit, like in FFA and then get transported on to a map. And then you...
  26. Dualninja

    Bedrock New gamemode: Arcade Games-repost

    This is a repost with my old suggestion here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/new-game-arcade.277272/ . This is to be in line with the new suggestions system. Many players would love to have an Arcade lobby, for more casual games on bedrock. It could have games on it such as minerware...
  27. Dualninja

    Discord The discord chanelog and how to improve it.

    The changlog on discord although great, isn't very reliable. A lot of the time, things get left out. For example on bedrock, the price of dirt in skyblock was changed from 1000 to 100. and it wasn't mentioned in the change log. about a month ago the marketplace stalls were changed, Yet there...
  28. Dualninja

    All Networks A new main lobby.

    Ok this is going to be a bit controversial, But still i'm going to talk about it. It would be great if we got a new main lobby. Although the current main lobby is great, its 2 years old and feeling a bit dated. Especially on the bedrock network, where there are no lobby games. Also this new...
  29. Dualninja

    Bedrock Add low fire to the new resource pack.

    So with the new resource pack for cubecraft, many new possibilities have been opened. And in my opinion one of them is low fire. For anyone that does not know, low fire means changing fire to make it smaller. So it doesn't take up your whole screen. How it could be implemented is have it be an...
  30. Dualninja

    Count to ten

    Ok usually these forum games are super easy, so why don't we try a hard one count to ten I'll start.
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