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  1. Monarky

    Video Need Staff

    Hello, I’m making a video (on bedrock) where I 1v1 staff members. If any staff members see this please reply, thanks - Monarky
  2. Monarky

    Video Twitch livestreams

    Tomorrow at 12:30 I’m going to be live-streaming eggwars gameplay (with viewers) on twitch, my channel is here if you wanna give me a follow and turn on notifications so you know when it’s live. Have a good day! https://twitch.tv/monarkyplays
  3. Monarky

    Video New Vid!

    I’ve just posted another video, check it out and tell me what you think! And also, please like and subscribe!
  4. Monarky

    Web Prefixes

    Hey guys, I think that like the staff tags underneath names, you should have YouTube tags! They could be red or white and just say YouTube on it, which could be achieved by having 50 subscribers for example, since there is already a cubetuber list
  5. Monarky

    Video New video!

    Check out this short instead! https://youtube.com/shorts/sBJsWt-BbSE?feature=share (I accidentally put a hive short in so I changed it)
  6. Monarky

    Video OMG!!!

    Guys, my YouTube short just hit 1.3k views! This is sick. Thanks guys. Check out my channel! https://youtube.com/channel/UCXxVAaQ5pzg7PYaRKSbHNMg And the video is here https://youtube.com/shorts/6kUzFZEfyRo?feature=share
  7. Monarky

    Video Sub 2 me (pogchamp)

    Hey everyone! If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, would you mind checking out (and subscribing) to my channel? URL is here (: https://youtube.com/channel/UCXxVAaQ5pzg7PYaRKSbHNMg Feel free to give any feedback on my videos, I’m always open to constructive criticism thanks - Monarky
  8. Monarky

    Fix the bug

    fix the block replacing bug please
  9. Monarky

    Bedrock Starting blocks

    I’ve seen some videos where people start with 30 andesite, is that possible?
  10. Monarky

    All Networks Speedrun Rewards

    SPEEDRUN REWARDS I think that if you get in the top 3 on speedrun.com for cube craft you should get some sort of rewards, maybe like a Speedrunner prefix or some XP, this should be easy to monitor. I don’t think you should lose the rewards if you get knocked off the podium considering how much...
  11. Monarky

    Video My First Video!

    My First video is out now!! Go check it out and subscribe 😄
  12. Monarky

    New video!

    Hey guys anyone have any ideas for videos?
  13. Monarky

    Bedrock Combat mode

    Should combat mode be added? my idea is that if you have caused somebody else damage or have taken damage from another player, you go into combat mode. This disables opening chests and opening generator menus in eggwars. This should be a setting you can toggle, so either you go into combat mode...
  14. Monarky

    Being punished on forums

    Hello, my internet lagged out while I was typing a post and made me rewrite it, so I did and changed the name slightly, and was punished for double posting. This was not my fault at all and I was told I may have limited access because of it, how can I get this fixed?
  15. Monarky

    MonarkyPlays introduction

    Hey, I’m MonarkyPlays and I am (trying) to become a cube craft YouTuber! That’s basically it. 😂 I do eggwars (and sometimes skywars) montages and I have a few made but not posted yet. One of my eggwars uploads should be out soon, maybe in a day or two. Go subscribe to Monarky on YT! I’ll add the...
  16. Monarky

    Bedrock Need tips

    Need some tips on getting better, am starting a YT channel on five craft bedrock, and am mostly doing eggwars content (since I am pretty pro) but want to branch out to skywars and such. Any tips on getting better?
  17. Monarky

    Eggwars teamates

    I need a duos teammate that plays on bedrock. I am (trying) to start a new YouTube channel and need some teamates, they need to be pretty good (don’t need to be pro) and a helpful team member. Anyone up for it?
  18. Monarky

    Egg wars Rewards

    Could we have some form of reward for playing? I play egg wars a lot and would find it more rewarding if you could unlock cages or shop skins for free, as I don’t pay money.
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