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  1. Ziu.

    How should I record a cheater in replaymod?

    Hello, I have a question about replaymod reporting, I didn't got an answer from discord staff-help (Not blaming or anything), so decided to ask here on forums. How would it be better to record a replaymod replay? I mean should I be in first person or should I fly by the cheater, how would it be...
  2. Ziu.

    Video Youtube music videos I uploaded.

    Hello, I recently uploaded couple music videos on Youtube, if you're interested, then check it out. Squiid - Atmospherica KillRude - Reload I would like to hear your feedback and suggestions, thank you.
  3. Ziu.

    Resolved Can I report rule breakers using badlion client?

    Hello. As title says, can I report rule breakers using badlion client? I tried to find information about this but couldn't find any. As I know labymod reports always getting denied and I'm wondering if the same thing goes to badlion users?
  4. Ziu.

    Video I made intro of a profile picture I use. (With a final version)

    The profile picture I'm using currently edited by me, the original picture isn't mine. Here's the intro video I made with this picture. Version 1 Version 2 The final third version with a short duel game. The title could have some improvements. Softwares used. - Adobe Audition - Adobe...
  5. Ziu.

    Short funny video.

    This video isn't mine, so I'm posting a thread about it here instead of "Creations".
  6. Ziu.

    This is what it feels to be semi-og name owner...

    You would be surprised how many of those chats I get...
  7. Ziu.

    Escalated Build size for map submissions.

    I was planning on building FFA map and submitting it to CubeCraft, at first I look up at the requirements. After I saw the requirements I started working on a floating island with a program called "WorldPainter", you can find the island I made here. I got distracted because I was really...
  8. Ziu.

    Questions about map submission.

    Hello, this question is more aimed for designers, I'm planning to build FFA map, I have couple problems with it, I'm afraid this map is going to be too big?? The second problem is about ice, it says I can't use ice or snow, and I have this crystal build from ice. And if you wonder about...
  9. Ziu.

    Builds The best floating island I made so far.

    The floating island is made with a program called "WorldPainter", only the edges of the island made by hand. So far this is the best floating island I made with "WorldPainter". WorldPainter's perspective, and the surface pattern I used for the island. More in-game screenshots...
  10. Ziu.

    Java Check other player's ping with /ping (Nickname).

    Hello, Simple suggestion, I think command /ping should allow us to check other player's ping too. How it will work. - You can check your own ping by the command "/ping". - If you want to check other player's ping you only need to add his nickname after /ping, for example, you want to check my...
  11. Ziu.

    Builds (Ruins) FFA build I made a while ago.

    Hello, Originally I was building this map for my friend's server, but he quit the idea of having a server, so this map is just sitting in my projects folder, and waiting for a purpose. I just wanted to share it and ask your opinions. This map wasn't meant to be for CubeCraft since it was started...
  12. Ziu.

    Java Boss bar health indicator.

    Hello. As the title says I'm suggesting to add boss bar health indicator for all PVP games (assassination, ffa, duels, eggwars, skywars, and so on...) How does it work? - It will appear as a boss bar when you hit a player. - If you're not hitting player anymore it will disappear. - While it's...
  13. Ziu.

    Escalated Allow LabyMod users to report duel games.

    Hello, I understand why labymod reports being denied, labymod users can change other player nicknames, and in that way, you can fake the evidence. Personally I'm a labymod user, but I never used that feature, and I might be wrong or don't know how it fully works, but in duels, you can see the...
  14. Ziu.

    A question for cubecraft developers about armour break sounds.

    Hello, I have a question about armor breaking sound, basically when your armor breaks you can't hear breaking sound but others near you can, so my question is it possible to fix this issue? or is it a client-side problem? I hope any of the developers will answer. With this issue some competitive...
  15. Ziu.

    Video Sign me up to laggers school, I want to learn that teleportation!

    Just messing around with editing software :)
  16. Ziu.

    Video I had too much pvp today... (Update: I added a video without slo-mo)

    Sometimes I wonder, how I land those hits... *Edit: Video without slo-mo*
  17. Ziu.

    Skins My unique transparent skin story.

    Hello, I'm playing CubeCraft since 1.9 update and back in those days I was using skins from websites like "Nova Skins" and so on, at one point I got frustrated seeing the same skin as mine walking in lobbies... So I decided to make my own, it was terrible at first but after some time I got...
  18. Ziu.

    All Networks Add ender chest to egg war maps. (Update: purchasable key with video example)

    Hello, Simple idea, add ender chest in egg war maps near villagers. It could be useful if your friends aren't available to play with you and you still love to play team eggwars but with random players. Currently, it's annoying when you know you will lose a fight but you have a lot of items, so...
  19. Ziu.

    Java Private minigames.

    Hello, So this is not really a unique idea because a lot of other popular servers have this (without naming ip's or server names) and I'm still wondering why cubecraft doesn't have this feature already. I'm suggesting to add a feature in the party to create a private game, which will allow you...
  20. Ziu.

    Java Random on/off fly mode in different lobby

    Hello, I found myself a problem with emerald/obsidian rank fly mode. Sometimes when I join a different lobby, I'm in flying mode, saying that I mean when you don't need to double jump to start flying and sometimes opposite. It's not a game-breaking thing but personally I found this annoying...
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