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  1. _EliteNobody

    Video Farming Guide

    I thought I would make this because I get asked LOADS where the chickens were. Soooo here Vid
  2. _EliteNobody

    Video Mining Guide

    Do I had lots of people ask me in-game about where stuff was so I thought I would make a video about it. Here is the link hope it's useful to you too :P Vid
  3. _EliteNobody

    Video Yet another montage

    cube montage pog w/ democrises pack
  4. _EliteNobody

    Video Jumping to 10k subs

    Oki, i found this guy who is jumping until he gets to 10 subs to get YT rank on cube (he's on 70 atm) GIVEAWAY AT 1K (2 OPTIFINE CAPES AND IRON RANK)
  5. _EliteNobody

    Video Cubecraft Montage

    Not gonna lie this montage was edited at 3 am and took like 4 hrs and I was soo tired when I went to sleep I was reciting the song over and ever again lmao. Enjoy :P Montage
  6. _EliteNobody


    I was playing team egg wars and I am confused why I died AFTER my egg was destroyed Can someone explain this. Mabye someone else has experienced this. It happens alot to me so i thought that i would make a post about it.
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