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  1. Blqde

    A small challenge :D

    dammnn, good job!
  2. Blqde

    50th In the world

    Good Job!
  3. Blqde

    Java Another Cublet thread

    I fully agree with you. The Cubelet system definitely needs a change and these are great ideas.
  4. Blqde

    Java The server is slow

    Hey Stanley! I've been having lots of trouble playing cubecraft eggwars as well. I think that since there's been a giant increase in players recently, the servers may be getting overloaded. Of course this is just my guess but yeah, I'd love to know if there is a solution to this. 😄
  5. Blqde

    📜 Recruitment Revamp!

    Good luck to everyone who applies!
  6. Blqde

    Java touraments/events

    oop- I forgot that existed
  7. Blqde

    Thank you for the follow! <3

    Thank you for the follow! <3
  8. Blqde

    Java touraments/events

    There is an Cubecraft external community called "Cubecraft Ranked" hosted by _EliteDreamer. They have biweekly tournaments there for java. DM me on discord and I'll send you the invite 😁
  9. Blqde

    Amigo's intro

    Your dog is so cute 🤩 Hmu on discord if you ever wanna play bedrock with me :) One addition to your post, YOU NEVER SLEEP. Nice to meet you! <3
  10. Blqde


  11. Blqde

    Successful record attempt!

    Nice job! Congratulations!
  12. Blqde

    Duels New Kits

    The sumo kit would definitely be a great addition. I don't know much about assassinations pvp but the long ffa kit sounds like it would be super fun to play!
  13. Blqde

    Java Nice

    LOL, nice!
  14. Blqde


    I think it's just a glitch. It's happened to me quite a few times and the only real solution to this is protect your egg and don't die. I agree that it's really annoying however it's hard to recreate the glitch to bug report it.
  15. Blqde

    Egg wars Rewards

    I don't know which version this post was made for but on java edition you earn xp and points. I feel like this could be a very fun addition. Adding on, if there were achievement cage/skins that would be pretty cool. For example you could get a new cage for 100 wins, 500 wins, 1k wins, and so on.
  16. Blqde

    I got a 2:22 eggwars solos any% speedrun

    Nice time! Good job!
  17. Blqde

    What we did while we were away!

    All of your builds look amazing! Might have to steal a few ideas for future builds 👀
  18. Blqde

    Count to 1,000,000

  19. Blqde

    Great Egg Defense

    This definitely seems like an interesting tactic. I'll be sure to try it out in my next game :D
  20. Blqde

    Video [Deleted]

  21. Blqde

    Video [Deleted]

  22. Blqde

    All Networks My Ideas for Some Recommendations For Colony Control

    Nerfing the accuracy of archer towers is definitely needed. The others seem like they would be great additions to the game also. I hope his gets implemented!
  23. Blqde

    All Networks Eggwars duels with Eggwars rules

    I feel like this would be a really good addition to the duels system as it actually trains you for eggwars rather than 1v1 kit pvp.
  24. Blqde

    typical eggwars player in a nutshell

    I'm the party guy :)
  25. Blqde

    Map choices.

    This is a really great idea and I hope to see it implemented!
  26. Blqde

    Java Gold Ore in Eggwars

    In the latest eggwars update I noticed that Gold Ore was implemented. I've seen a few players use it in game however it feels like its a waste of gold to buy. The only real advantage I see would be that it takes slightly longer to mine but if you have a diamond pickaxe, it doesn't matter whether...
  27. Blqde

    EGG Wars

    Eggwars is very fun indeed.
  28. Blqde

    All Networks Emeralds used as a boost for generators?

    One emerald takes about 10 seconds to get with a level one emerald gen. One emerald for a 10 second boost might be a bit too much.
  29. Blqde

    All Networks Eggwars Player Tracker Tweak

    It's a good idea overall but most people don't use trackers unless there's only one person/team which is camping or hiding somewhere. And in that case, they would already know who they are looking for.
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