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  1. Technosword

    Implemented Denied Tag

    Hello there everyone! It's been a while since I've made a suggestion and I think I have the perfect idea to go along with the suggestion update. Since there are more transparent tags like "planned" or "forwarded" and all denied suggestions get a message, doesn't it deserve a tag too? This would...
  2. Technosword

    Implemented Remove Lucky Islands Channel

    Hey everyone, I’ve noticed a problem with the #lucky-blocks bedrock channel. It’s inactivity adds nothing to the server, as it only averages 4 messages every day, where every channel has much more activity. I think that this channel should be removed from the discord and Lucky Islands discussion...
  3. Technosword

    Great Selfie

    I’m doing this because I want to share how cool the staff team is and so I can be the first one to show it off. (Not pictured: Half of us getting destroyed)
  4. Technosword

    My Introduction

    Hey everyone, I promised myself that I would make an introduction when I reached 1000 messages or I became a staff member. Well I am now officially a helper and I’d like you all to know a little more about me. (And so my profile isn’t spammed with congratulations) My Cubecraft Story: I’m kind...
  5. Technosword

    Escalated See Someone’s Featured Content

    Have you ever been browsing the forums and then see someone has a featured content score? I think that pressing the featured content score should redirect you to a list of their featured content. It’s just a small QOL thing that I think would be kinda cool thing. Please vote in the poll and...
  6. Technosword

    All Networks Make the N-word considered hate speech

    Recently, I reported a player for calling my team a bunch of n****** and after reporting, they only got warned. The Cubecraft swearing rules state that swearing requires a warning, but hate speech does not. In recent times, many people have come to realize the n-word is more than just a swear...
  7. Technosword

    Escalated 5 Minutes Before Kicked from Party

    We’ve all had those moments, your friend gets kicked from the server, or has to relog to make stuff work, and now you have to readd them to the party. So what I’m proposing is that when someone leaves the server it takes 5 minutes before they’re automatically removed. (You can always /p kick...
  8. Technosword

    Web Warz smilie (Part 2 to reaction idea)

    So recently this suggestion came up and it caught my eye: Warz Reaction I understand the problems with the reaction, but why not a fun new smilie to add to this section: This would avoid the issues that staff was worried about, a spam of reactions of Warz on locked threads and stuff. For people...
  9. Technosword

    Prediction of new Game

    I had fun with this last time so here we go. What do we think this one will be? Vote in the poll, and if you have any ideas I’ll add them!
  10. Technosword

    Java Give Reporters Unlimited Access to /Report

    Hey everyone, this is kind of a controversial thread so bare with me. When the Passport system is released, players that have over 50-100 reports on the reports site, should be given unlimited access to /report like plus rank. Paying a monthly subscription doesn’t make you good at detecting...
  11. Technosword

    Post Removed

    I removed my post, on mobile so no clue how to delete threads. Lock?
  12. Technosword

    Discord Update Helper’s Languages

    So recently staff members were given roles on discord containing the languages they spoke. I noticed the new helpers do not have this yet. What I’m asking is for the new helpers get the language tags. Thank you! (No poll as I think this is just overlooked)
  13. Technosword

    Implemented Update Count to 1,000,000

    In this Forum Game, we count to the number 1,000,000, however the user that created the game is not active anymore. What I’m proposing is that a staff member, edits the milestone tracker in the absence of the creator. It’s a relatively small task, currently all they need to do is add the 5,000...
  14. Technosword

    Java Spectator Prefix

    Whenever you die in Lucky Islands, Skywars or EggWars, you can still talk in the chat. However if something wants to see if you’re alive they have to press tab and that’s annoying to do every 30 seconds. So what I’m suggesting is a “Spectator” prefix in global chat. This seems really easy to...
  15. Technosword

    Java Allow 1.8/1.9 Crossplay

    Now, before you say there is no need for this, hear me out. I main 1.8 PvP and when I want to play with my friends they usually play 1.9+ and since Cubecraft doesn’t have crossplay between the 2 versions it becomes a pain. What I’m proposing is a way to let 1.9+ users join the 1.8 server. (Only...
  16. Technosword

    All Networks Eggwars Suggestions

    So I spent 30 minutes on this thread and accidentally deleted it so time to restart. I have some Beta Eggwars Suggestions so please read the whole thing, it's kind of long but it's worth it. The other day I was playing Eggwars with someone and we were a 2 in a game of 4's so right off the bat...
  17. Technosword

    Implemented Change Build Time

    Hey everyone, while playing Blockwars today I noticed something that I think should be changed. The build time as only 20 seconds is not enough. In some games, my flag was taken almost instantly and this was extremely frustrating. What I'm proposing is to extend the build time to 30 seconds...
  18. Technosword

    Predictions for Tomorrow's Annoucement?

    Alright, everyone, Cubecraft announced that tomorrow at 6 they have a major announcement. Any predictions? I'm making a poll and people can vote, I'll add to it as people suggest things. Maybe we can get a good guess!
  19. Technosword

    Web [SUGGESTION] Clicking Images in Game Discussion Brings You to Thread

    Right now, when you click the images of the games nothing happens. What I'm proposing is just being able to click the image as well as the text. I find myself going to press the image every time and it is very frustrating. Thank you!
  20. Technosword

    Java Clear Game Statistics With Cheaters

    Hey everyone, this thread seems pretty self-explanatory. Whenever someone in your game gets banned, the stats from that game are wiped. The reason why is that what if you lose a win streak to a hacker or a hacker keeps being in your games and messes up your K/D ratio etc. There are a few issues...
  21. Technosword

    Web [SUGGESTION] Change side bar in dark mode

    In dark mode when you select something in the sidebar the text turns black. I think it would look a lot better if when it was selected it turned white.
  22. Technosword

    Web [SUGGESTION] Cubecraft Statistics

    Hi, so I think it would be nice to add someone's in-game stats to the new forums. Stats such as time played, kills, lucky blocks opened, etc. You could even go a step further to implement what game someone is in at the moment. This would be similar to /friend list, and if you click on someone's...
  23. Technosword

    Escalated New Server Rule

    Hey everyone, today while playing Cubecraft, I got killed by someone with an inappropriate item name. I personally didn't have a problem with it, but I know that there are many kids on the server and Cubecraft is family-friendly. So naturally, I screenshotted and wondered if I could report him...
  24. Technosword

    Java In-Game Help from Staff

    I saw someone get shot down for an idea similar to this, but I learned from them and I think have an improved idea. Make sure if you vote no to give me your reasoning so we can improve the idea! I've been playing a game or been in a lobby when people ask for help and I always do my best, but...
  25. Technosword

    Java Friend Spectating

    I think the title is pretty self-explanatory but I'm going to elaborate my idea through this thread. So basically, your friend is in a game, and you're bored and want to maybe watch them play a round of Skywars or two. Well at the moment, you have to wait for them to be done and then invite...
  26. Technosword

    List of Maps

    Hey everyone, could someone provide me with a link to a list with all accepted maps? I'm trying to make a map and I don't want to use an idea that's already a map. I looked for lists but all I found were outdated by 4-5 years. Thanks in advance!
  27. Technosword

    Java Rebalancing Teams

    So today I was playing blockwars and not only during the building session did people leave, but they destroyed the protection and then left. What I'm suggesting is a simple change that when teams get very unbalanced, this is be defined many ways in the 8v8. I'd say that when it becomes a 5v8...
  28. Technosword

    All Networks Updated Staff Jobs

    Hey everyone, now I know this could be controversial but I was reading through the support page about people complaining about hackers and think this could be a solution. I get that Sentinal currently isn't being developed due to the fact that they don't have a developer, I have coding knowledge...
  29. Technosword

    Becoming More Active

    Hey everyone, so recently I applied to be a helper for Cubecraft, my only reason for rejection for getting an interview was that I wasn't active on the forums. Does anyone have some tips or advice on what I should to do be more active. Thanks for any help guys!
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