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  1. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Duels wait time should be decreased

    So with the new Battle Arena Update, Duels and FFA came out of beta! Which is cool, but CC made a change to the duels waiting time when you are in your cage, It went from 5 seconds to 10 seconds which is way too much in my opinion. If this could be reversed back to 5 seconds then it would be...
  2. Awabbatt

    Bedrock A /queue command

    I have already posted a thread about this before, but now after they changed how suggestions are handled Im posting it again. So basically instead of having to run to the portal, (you can still run to the portal if you want) there should be a /queue [gamemode] [solo,duos,squads or mega] (ex...
  3. Awabbatt

    All Networks (Eggwars) If you leave within the first 10 seconds it shouldn't count as a game played

    So when you join a game, sometimes its at 3,2,1... and you dont have enough time to vote, or its a bad map, but then the game starts. In that case most people do /hub but it counts as a game played which could ruin your win to loss rate (I know win to loss rate isnt the most important thing)...
  4. Awabbatt

    Bedrock More Non PvP gamemodes

    So only non pvp gamemode on cubecraft is minerware, which is kind of weird, even then minerware has some pvp minigames in there. So I think cubecraft should rename the minerware lobby to "non pvp gamemodes" and add gamemodes like tnt run, deathrun and any other non pvp gamemodes you can think...
  5. Awabbatt

    Why is the ping so bad in the recent week?

    Ok so I average about 150 ping everyday, and about 250 on weekends. I dont have a problem with that but recently Im starting to even average 300 on weekdays and 450 on weekends idk its kinda ridiculous. I did an internet speed test I have 20 ping and for every other server the ping is exactly...
  6. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Add a way to queue a game without running to the portal

    Im not sure if this is already a thing in java or not but I tagged it as bedrock for now. So CubeCraft, Please add a way to queue into a game without running to the portal. Its really annoying, and just wastest time. Some people dont like to play on certain maps, so they have to waste theyre...
  7. Awabbatt

    Map voting Idea

    Ok so when I tell people CubeCraft needs to add map voting, they instantly go like "well then games woul take longer to fill up" I thought of something to counter this. So you queue into a game, get sent into a lobby just like you do in survival games, this is the place where you vote op, choose...
  8. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Do you like the new kb?

    I had to make this post cause i saw many people crying about the new kb, so just vote wether u like it or not. I wanna actually see if many people hate it or not. Ill not be closing this poll anytime soon, I just wanna get a large sample. Im not sure If this is supposed to be in eggwars i think...
  9. Awabbatt

    Umm... Yeah.. Emeralds

    So I think you all know what Im talking about. Emeralds right now are so useless, I havent seen anyone use them except me (when they first came out) and now nearly 7 months after the emerald update I havent seen ANYONE one use them which is pretty ridiculous. Im going to be talking about 3 ways...
  10. Awabbatt


  11. Awabbatt

    Miner Kit Change

    Ok so im back discussing another important thing. Miner Kit changes. So the miner kit went from being the slowest pickaxe ever seen in history, to the best pickaxe ever seen in history LMAO, and then back to a medium wooden pickaxe, (eff 5) and then they changed it to a stone pickaxe (eff 4 im...
  12. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Maps choosing

    Ok so I know this has been requested like basically a trillion times but this time lets hope it actually gets enough attention from players and the mods. Its not really fun trying 1000 times to find the right map, for reasons like speedrunning, rushing, or just liking the map. Most gamemodes...
  13. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Ranked / Level matchmaking

    So even after the new kb and the platform matchmaking (btw great job cube the old kb was broken) there is still a problem. Even if Im PC the games are still Easy, most people are just nons who dont even know how to play the game, getting diamond swords but not getting armor and then I can just...
  14. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Eggwars Solo Any% Speedrun (2m 02s) but not world record?!

    So I was speedrunning eggwars solo to try and improve my 2m 04s world record even more, then I got a 2m 02s round but it's not gonna count on speedrun.com since my freind (batt776474) was sniping me. Tbh I'm not that mad since he also got like 4 elim and if he wasn't there i wouldn't have got it...
  15. Awabbatt

    Some sort of map voting

    Its really annoying if you are trying to speedrun eggwars solo. map golf is really the only map you can play on since the islands are like 10 blocks away from each other. Tried speedrunning for 2 hours, and I would say that 1h and 50m went into finding map golf and only 10 minutes were actually...
  16. Awabbatt

    Anyone pro wanna grind duos?

    Anyone wanna grind duos that rushes? Im on bedrock edition, level 42 and want to grind duos with someone. I dont want someone that dosent rush. Also if you want to grind you must know jump-bridge. btw my best time for speedrun is 2:04
  17. Awabbatt

    Going to the portal if you want to play is very annoying.

    Hey everyone. There is something in Cubecraft that is very annyoning. you have to go all the way from the lobby to the game's portal. for example, once i finish an eggwars round, it spawns me in an eggwars lobby. if I want to play again, I have to go all the way to the portal. which is not that...
  18. Awabbatt

    FFA Killstreak Leaderboard (Bedrock Edition)

    We have all tried the new game FFA, and its pretty fun! good job CubeCraft team! However, I want to know how much killstreak you guys can get. for me, it is 55. If you...
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