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  1. deadlaycraft

    Bedrock Download map

    this is annoying. I need the maps to make thumbnails and its always annoying having to do it in public games where there are people bridging and egg defences etc. when all you want is the map
  2. deadlaycraft

    All Networks Add letters above the Eggwars bases.

    This would definitely be a good addition to the game. Personally, I'm not colourblind, but speaking for people who are, , I can totally agree with what you are saying.
  3. deadlaycraft

    Bedrock YouTube Rank Suggestion

    Honestly, I have to agree with everything talked about. As a content creator myself with merely 200 subscribers, it can honestly feel daunting that I have to reach 10K in order to get the ranks. And there are so many people like me, some smaller and some bigger who have youtube channels and...
  4. deadlaycraft

    Bedrock Weird knockback on Bedrock Cubecraft

    I have been doing a lot of PVP on this server on the bedrock edition, and when I w-tap, there are no combos. Whereas on other servers, combos are fine. I think knockback may have been reduced, and I don't think it should be. If you were to try to fix the knockback, then not only would PVP be...
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