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  1. maxlol200

    Bedrock This was painful

    After an hour of playing survival games, I finally got a win. This is the reason why I don't usually don't play survival games. At least I got 7 kills in that game
  2. maxlol200

    Duels The best controller pvper is a lag machine

    Just check it out bois
  3. maxlol200

    Duels Epic Gaming

  4. maxlol200

    The best mobile pvpers

    I want to make a list of the best mobile pvpers and I already know some of them. If there is someone you know, who is really good on mobile or you are a good pvper on mobile, pls reply to me. I would share my list with the people I know, but maybe someone doesn't to be mentioned. (There are 5...
  5. maxlol200

    Deutsch und so

    Ich habe vorhin jemanden gesehen, der einfach so was deutsches geschrieben hat und auch eine deutsche Antwort bekommen hat. Deshalb habe ich mir gedacht, dass ich das jetzt auch mache. Was ich mich jetzt frage ist, ob viele hier auch deutsch können. Ich weiß auf jeden Fall, dass hier viele...
  6. maxlol200

    Bedrock How to 1v2

    This is for the people, who are struggling at 1v2 situations. Do as much damage as possible to one player and eventually kill that player. After that start running and heal up a bit. After that, try to kill to second player Here is the clip:
  7. maxlol200

    Bedrock Getting better at Sky Wars

    I think that was my best sky wars game so far
  8. maxlol200

    Bedrock Combat sounds

    Since the 1.9 update came out on Java, there were some new combat sounds added, like crit sound, sweeping edge sound etc. Some months ago, Cubecraft added the sound when you hit a player or an entity with a bow on Bedrock. It would be very cool, if Cubecraft adds the other combat sounds to...
  9. maxlol200

    All Networks Update version

    I know that this topic was discussed in another thread, but it would be very cool, if we get to see 1.16 stuff in Cubecraft (I don't mean netherite). The most epic thing for me would be water fights. Since 1.13 you can swim in water and because of that water fights would be really interesting...
  10. maxlol200

    Other stuff outside of Cubecraft

    I would assume, that everyone who is reading this likes Cubecraft a lot (like me), but there are still some cool things outside of Cubecraft in Minecraft. Im asking myself, what the Cubecraft Community likes to play outside of Cubecraft. Im playing in my Ultra Hardcore world, my practice world...
  11. maxlol200

    All Networks Tournaments

    Im not sure if someone already suggested it, but it would be great if there can be big Cubecraft tournaments with like 100-1000 players or something like that. Also for players with less skill. Leagues could also be an idea. Leagues with different skill levels. With this system, the best players...
  12. maxlol200

    All Networks Skill system

    Is there a skill system? If you don't understand, what I mean, Ill explain it: For example, if you have 500 wins you play against players with a similar amount of wins. If a skill system isn't there, it could be a good idea, because you play against players with the same skill level
  13. maxlol200

    Duels Most intense fight ever

    It was actually not
  14. maxlol200

    Duels Obitrapped

    I dueled this player like 20 times today (mostly with no or less armor) and I won almost every time. I feel kinda bad for him, but the obsidian trap was funny
  15. maxlol200

    My stats for Cubecraft in total

    I did some calculations today and I calculated my in game time in all gamemodes together and also all the kills. This is all since i have my new account and got that account on January 2021. The only two categories, I didn't play, were Skywars Teams of 4 and Eggwars Mega I played for 7 days, 19...
  16. maxlol200

    Java Suggestion for FFA kit in Java

    Im not a java player, because I have no pc, but I just like the pvp system way more. To my suggestion: I like it when people are using the sword and the axe for fighting, and because of that, this is my kit suggestion: Diamond sword: Sharp 2 Iron Axe: Sharp 1 Full iron except the chestplate...
  17. maxlol200

    Epic Screenshot

    Does anyone wanna know how we got up here? (I only turned my fov so high up, because you can see more)
  18. maxlol200

    All Networks What Gamemode should Cubecraft add next?

    What do you guys think? What would be really cool? Feel free to discuss everything about this topic
  19. maxlol200

    Hide and Seek

    A player decided to play hide and seek, but I won. If you look carefully at 3:30, thats were I saw the nametag
  20. maxlol200

    Bedrock An epic 5 kill game for Level 25

  21. maxlol200

    Bedrock This post is deleted

  22. maxlol200

    Bedrock Sneakiest fight ever

    I know that I couldve just fought him, but I thought that it will be funnier, if I trap him somehow lol
  23. maxlol200

    Duels Am I able to get in a leaderboard?

    I have exactly 714 wins in duels and I play about 1-2 hours a day and im not playing everytime duels. Will I be able to get in the leaderboard? (Rank 50 has about 3000 wins)
  24. maxlol200

    Resolved Description

    I have seen many descriptions about theirselves from many people after every post. How can I do that? Can someone help me?
  25. maxlol200

    My introduction, i guess

    So maybe some players maybe know me, because I posted already pretty much on the forums, but I never introduced myself. So here it is: My name is Max and im 17 years old and im from Germany. I play on Bedrock with my tablet and my keyboard, but I would rather play on java. The problem is, that i...
  26. maxlol200

    Bedrock Hotkey system

    I played Block Wars before and i had problems with hotkeying. For example in Bridges i need to have the pickaxe on the 4th slot and the blocks on the 6th slot. Otherwise it messes me up. I know that I can switch slots real quick, but especially in Bridges, where you often respawn, it can be a...
  27. maxlol200

    The biggest scam ever

    I was speedrunning the new lobby parkour and got the best run so far. See what happened after
  28. maxlol200

    New Parkour done

    I completed the new Parkour and it was a lot of fun! I hope there are coming some new levels in the future
  29. maxlol200

    Bedrock One of best survival games rounds ever

    I only recorded the last fight of this round, but i got 6 kills in total and one of them was a 2v1. My teammate died really early and in the 2v1 another guy helped me a bit and got the last kills. He wanted to team with me, but cross teaming was not allowed and then i killed him, because he had...
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