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  1. MennoGamed

    Question:Who has the best island in MCBE skyblock

    I dont even play on bedrock, so your island is bigger than mine :P
  2. MennoGamed

    Bedrock Chest's need to be looked at

    The reason that you cannot break chests in the first 20 seconds is simple. If you break the chest you will get all the loot in one go. If you have to take everything separately, your team will also have the option to grab something.
  3. MennoGamed

    Java Automatic vote

    I know, late response. But no, this is not already in the server. Every time you join a game joint you have to vote for chests or HP again. In some games, these kits are automatic, but not all of them.
  4. MennoGamed

    Java Automatic vote

    I also like this option. After a long period of playing games, it is indeed annoying to have to vote every time. I'm curious if cubecraft can do something with this.
  5. MennoGamed

    Mini Chest Chaser Update!

    YES! Super cool update. Good to see that the obsidian rank is also worth more. This was of course very different after the sudden vote with Emerald was already possible on all games. Love the update!
  6. MennoGamed

    Nostalgia week! - Old maps return

    I'm so happy o see the old maps :)
  7. MennoGamed

    Christmas Update Part 2 - Snowman Survival + More maps!

    Its time to play tower defece :) Lets win a X-mas game ;) #HYPE!
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