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  1. ItzYaser

    New Video - ft/Zipstarz coming out soon!

    New Video - ft/Zipstarz coming out soon!
  2. ItzYaser

    ItzYaser's Introduction

    Thank you!!
  3. ItzYaser

    ItzYaser's Introduction

    Thank you!! Haha(Dot) Lets hope you were being ironic(Dot) Have a great day(Dot)
  4. ItzYaser

    ItzYaser's Introduction

    Thank you! Hla! Thanks
  5. ItzYaser

    great ty!

    great ty!
  6. ItzYaser

    ItzYaser's Introduction

    Hala beek!
  7. ItzYaser

    Haha, thank you! Much appreciated :)

    Haha, thank you! Much appreciated :)
  8. ItzYaser

    ItzYaser's Introduction

    Hey everyone! I hope you are all well Today, my goal is going to bore you with useless facts about me! Yay! What is my name? Really?! Its Yaser! Where am I from? I was born in England, Manchester, and currently still reside there, however, I originate from Baghdad, Iraq! How old are you...
  9. ItzYaser

    I'm great @xHappyMood Thanks for asking!

    I'm great @xHappyMood Thanks for asking!
  10. ItzYaser

    Video LoL, isn't this genius?

    This is fantastic! Firstly, the song is amazing, and the lyrics from MC makes it even better! Well done
  11. ItzYaser

    Hey everyone! How are you all?

    Hey everyone! How are you all?
  12. ItzYaser

    What led the server to it's downfall?

    Hi gl1ch! Firstly, I hope you are doing well during these difficult times. I usually understand many viewpoints, especially when people feel disregarded. However, in your case, I strongly cannot manipulate myself from viewing the same standpoint as you. Every staff member, most don't even get...
  13. ItzYaser

    Resolved Stuck in a death loop durring the building terrain phase of the loading screen

    Hey JWSulzer90, These problems clearly indicate some sort of failure in either you MC, or PC, so here is a list of things I would recommend for you to do: 1) Restart Minecraft 2) Restart your PC 3) Disconnect, then Connect your Router 4) Uninstall Minecraft, then Re-Install it 5) Release and...
  14. ItzYaser

    Resolved Banned on discord for helping with someone's router problems (appeal)

    Hey sibyrd! I hope you are well. I would just like to expand on the likely reasoning of your ban. Just to clarify, I am just assuming this, so don't take my word as gospel. I understand that what you did was not 'deserving' of a ban. However, it's the idea of all your small warnings adding up...
  15. ItzYaser

    Resolved I cant appeal my ban.

    Hi nindmall! I am just here to congratulate you for your change! It is for the better for both you, and everyone, when you stopped hacking. I understand that you stated that your English is not the best. However, I can assure you that's not the case! I understood everything you wrote, just as I...
  16. ItzYaser

    Internet Etiquette

    Thanks for your kind replies everyone!
  17. ItzYaser

    Java Most controversial maps

    Hey All! Unquestionably my favourite map is 'Pizza,' as it's a so called an 'OG' map, and fits every criteria of an enjoyable experience! Its small, yet big, but so congenial! Have a nice day!
  18. ItzYaser

    Internet Etiquette

    Internet Etiquette Introduction This topic isn't highlighted as much as it should be, so today I will be giving you all a reminder of how we should all act when placed behind a screen. As we move into a more online world of learning, socialising and working, we should all remember our online...
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