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  1. colinverp

    Hacker In Skywars with PROOF!

    make your report here: https://reports.cubecraft.net/report
  2. colinverp

    great concert

    I met this guy in a game of skywars, he wanted to give a concert but the others didn't want to listen, so I killed everyone in the game except him 😂
  3. colinverp

    lobby wearables

    hi, can someone help me: how does those effects work: because when i wear it, i don't get the effects:
  4. colinverp

    Escalated A new game idea.

    yes, it is cops and crimes without guns, just regular PvP
  5. colinverp

    CCG Memes

  6. colinverp

    Java MinerWare - Add voting for boss game

    but is it still fun for you if it is always the same game. it will be fun the first few times. but after a while you want to play the other games again.
  7. colinverp

    the owner

    good question
  8. colinverp

    Java MinerWare - Add voting for boss game

    I don't think I would like it. at the moment it is al randomized we get al the different bossgames. but when voting comes in you will get always the same few bossgames. It's the same with map voting in featured games, it is always the same 1 or 2 maps.
  9. colinverp

    Escalated How to add Competitive Modes despite small playerbase.

    i know it is impossible, but what is the point of ranked then?
  10. colinverp

    Escalated How to add Competitive Modes despite small playerbase.

    but in this way, the matchmaking doesn't come to your own level, does it? because ranked mode is about getting to play against players equally good as you. I don't see the point in a ranked mode if this isn't the case.
  11. colinverp

    Java Tower Defense NEEDS an Update

    great suggestions!
  12. colinverp

    Escalated A new game idea.

    and about the team experience, I don't think this is possible to discuss properly, or there have to be a ranked matchmaking, but the server isn't big enough for that, and there will be a lot of selfish people in games like this. and if you've 1 troller in your team, you have a big chance to lose...
  13. colinverp

    Escalated A new game idea.

    another suggestion: add golden carrots in the food list. since food is a really important part of the MC PvP, and golden carrots are the best food at the moment, but they're worse than golden apples. so I don't think this would be too OP.
  14. colinverp

    Escalated A new game idea.

    I really like the idea! I've 2 suggestions: add to the weapon shop different arrows, like slowness, blindness, spectral.(don't make it to long, keep it balanced. second suggestion: since you can't have a minimap. give people who're hit a second spectral effect. and maybe make it that your team...
  15. colinverp

    All Networks a better cubecraft

    maybe just adding a number in front of the name if someone is in the leaderboard, so if they are 17th, they get a number 17 in front of there name. and there are 2 ways to do this: only if he plays the gamemode he's playing at the moment. so if someone is in the leaderboard of solo skyward, he...
  16. colinverp

    [Solo Sky Wars] Railroads

    I've voted yes, but I still don't like the islands, the starter islands are too symmetrical, and the ladders could be announcing while passing by. the diamond blocks in the models are a bit too overpowered to my opinion I think that you should change them into ores so there are some diamonds for...
  17. colinverp

    All Networks a better cubecraft

    I have to agree to show things off like your level or leaderboards rank is some sort of way, and about the extra maps, you can make and submit maps yourself at https://www.cubecraft.net/forums/map-submissions.87/
  18. colinverp

    Discord Mini-Modding

    i know what you mean, i do have a screenshot, but maybe it a good thing that if you can help, and a staff member hasn't reacted in staff help in 10 minutes that you can help. because sometimes it can be useful.
  19. colinverp


    you can make maps with the 1.9 blocks, those just can't come in the 1.8 version
  20. colinverp


    a few things: 1. you can only use 1.9 and below blocks, so you can't use stripped logs 2. it is just a boring circle 3. every player needs at least 3 chests on the starter island 4. there is way to many hight difference, that is annoying when pvp'ing 5. you need a minimum of 10 players in solo...
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