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  1. OpeikoGamerYT

    Bedrock Sucky new kb

    Hi! I’m a Leaderboardplayer which is on Skywars leaderboards for Chaos (Top 4) and Duos. Cubecraft added this new knockback, which I think is cool that they added something new, buuut ... It’s a complete copy of Hive. When I play Cubecraft I don’t want to play any other server than Cubecraft...
  2. OpeikoGamerYT

    Bedrock Parkour

    Should CC add a parkour gamemode?
  3. OpeikoGamerYT

    Bedrock Skilled players matchmaking

    Hey! I was wondering If you guys on the staff team could make a gamemode for skilled players. I’m talking about skilled matchmaking, so the better stats, the better opponents. There could be just one gamemode on there, and the other modes could be there as they were before. I’m hoping this will...
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