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  1. Fesa

    What would a lucky block be made of?

    I’d say some sort of light but strong material. Let’s say cobweb (cobweb with a width of a penpoint can stop a plane) but is still easily breaking by hand IF you do it right. This would also make the lucky blocks resist all the different world events. For the inside, I would assume some form of...
  2. Fesa


    It’s not a bug, it is supposed to be so. Since if you’re in party with someone, you don’t want to ignore them right? I’ve had the same problem and suggested to change this with either a hard ignore option or just making ignore work in p chat as well!
  3. Fesa

    CCG Memes

    Had to do it Skoedel :) 🙃
  4. Fesa

    1.8.9 PvP Tournament For OptiFine Cape

    That’s very true...
  5. Fesa

    1.8.9 PvP Tournament For OptiFine Cape

    Actually you can. Join in 1,9+ make a custom kit with 1.8 PVP :/
  6. Fesa

    [Bug] Balanced Teams, Eggwars Beta

    It's not a bug. Beta simply doesn't have that many players. If only 11 players join in a map of 20 and 10 of them decide to take team one will be alone. Same with fewer players. All but one have chosen a team, it might not be fair. But splitting up parties really isn't what we want... Just as...
  7. Fesa

    Bedrock Bedrock Kit Save

    This really should be implemented. I’ve had so many times where I didn’t have the time or simply forgot my kit. And I imagine this happens even more often on mobile devices! Yes please!!
  8. Fesa

    Bedrock Bruh Moment

    Yess, let the player have is personal time with the void. They might really like it there! Just wondering, what has this to do with Bedrock? Players do this on Java all the time!
  9. Fesa

    Bedrock Bedrock skyblock suggestion: teleporters!!

    I have the feeling that this is way too OP. And you can always use boats, minecarts for horizontal travel and mincart elevators for vertical (upwards, downwards is just jumping in water). And for me at least, I don’t walk that much besides through my farms where I have to walk through, so I...
  10. Fesa

    I vote for XP :)

    I vote for XP :)
  11. Fesa

    You vote for the loot points??

    You vote for the loot points??
  12. Fesa

    Java Addressing lagg

    Badlion does have armour durability Badlion is not compatible with forge as far as I know, it works differently It does not have an hp indicator since it’s not allowed on some servers Badlion has optifile installed in it.
  13. Fesa

    PvP Suggestions - We need your help!

    Only duel changes since I don't play any of the other PVP gamemodes. Eggwars kit Change the blocks to the same blocks as used in Eggwars (duh) Make the gear used the OP equivalent since Op is the most played gamemode Maybe even make it half health since OP-Half is most common in Eggwars...
  14. Fesa

    Java Addressing lagg

    Ping is mostly determined by your distance to the host. All internet moves near the speed of light. If you have slow downloads/upload speed your ping can still be fine. High ping means a great distance away from the host. So yes, you are suggesting to kick all players who live further away. But...
  15. Fesa

    My pleasure! 🙃

    My pleasure! 🙃
  16. Fesa

    Close subforum Forums feedback and instead use the reports site, as this subforum is a mess.

    At the moment this is not possible! Since you need an account to use the report website which can 1) not be made on Bedrock 2) can’t for the moment not be made on Java They are working on a new system to connect all your account to your forums with this also the report site. As for the...
  17. Fesa

    Web Attach mp4 files

    The problem with this is that it’s simply impossible for Cubecraft to store all the mp4 files from reports... It’s simply too mu h data. You can always use other side if it’s for Bedrock I think. I can understand why you don’t want an other google account but it’s free and takes 5min to make...
  18. Fesa

    Chicken Spawner.

    Same as on Java,
  19. Fesa

    Video Eggwars final battle

    To my knowledge this isn't true. Resistance neglects all damage you get by 20% times its level. (Except from void, starvation and /kill).
  20. Fesa

    Video Eggwars final battle

    A few quick tips from just seeing what you take to a fight. -Use glass not clay to bridge. It can’t be insta mined ^-^ - Obsidian, use obsidian to block players inside the little huts with gens in and spam TNT ( this happend to you) -Notch apples. For obvious reasons -Don’t buy steak. It takes...
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