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  1. ValentinoGV_

    Java Lucky Islands achievement

    Doesn't seem like a bad idea!
  2. ValentinoGV_

    Java Defend the village

    I personally think it won't attract many people, but indeed the game was fun
  3. ValentinoGV_

    Seria epicardisimo ser yt de 160k y Helper eh

    Seria epicardisimo ser yt de 160k y Helper eh
  4. ValentinoGV_

    Thanks for the follow! ≧◡≦

    Thanks for the follow! ≧◡≦
  5. ValentinoGV_

    Java Snowwball microgame

    In my opinion, I think 2 hits doesn't make a difference Most of the players jiiter click / butterfly click to throw snowballs faster, throwing more than 5 per second. So if that changed it wouldn't make sense as you would also receive more than 2 hits in the first second
  6. ValentinoGV_

    All Networks lower microgame time

    I think 10 seconds for those games is too low. I actually like the amount of time those microgames have
  7. ValentinoGV_

    Java PvP Duels messages

    Like the idea a lot!
  8. ValentinoGV_

    Congratulations! :D

    Congratulations! :D
  9. ValentinoGV_

    Java Suggestions for Lucky Islands

    I like ideas 1 and 2. More than once I couldn't find a player because they were camping and had to end the game by myself. Aswell as second idea, more than once it has happened and it would be perfect if they made a custom hitbox
  10. ValentinoGV_

    Java Add water and lava buckets to Lucky Islands

    I agree with what people have said before, lava is too OP By the way, similar suggestions have been made not that long ago: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/new-lucky-block-idea.234195/#post-1129744
  11. ValentinoGV_

    Java Day and Night Command for Plus Users

    There are already mods that can do that for you so I think it would be useless with these things that can help you do that already But then there is the positive factor. MAYBE it could bring attention when buying the rank
  12. ValentinoGV_

    Java <name> has joined your team!

    As Lux said, it doesn't seem like a bad thing to add. The problem would be that some users would abuse that and disturb players by constantly entering and leaving the team, which would cause an immense spam
  13. ValentinoGV_

    Bedrock Clans/Guilds

    This has been suggested, as it has been mentioned before: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/guilds-ranked-and-private-matches.234417/page-2#post-1128977 - It is a really nice and well written thread. I recommend you taking a look at it
  14. ValentinoGV_

    Bedrock A better AntiCheat

    This has been suggested a couple of times now: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/anticheat.233748/ https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/new-anticheat-please.232833/ https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/sentinalx.232494
  15. ValentinoGV_

    Java Skyblock buy cobblestone at 64 000 a stack on right click in shop.

    I agree. It would be perfect if we could buy an entire stack
  16. ValentinoGV_

    Bedrock Mega Skywars Maps

    You can also suggest that here
  17. ValentinoGV_

    Java Remove Archer Assault

    I agree with it being removed and maybe as mentioned before, bingo could be brought back
  18. ValentinoGV_

    Java Tournaments

    There are Community Games already, so I think it makes no sense
  19. ValentinoGV_

    1200 wins

    Nice number mate! Coming soon 2k :)
  20. ValentinoGV_

    Bedrock Player cap for server please

    Maybe there must be something wrong with your Xbox, you should check that out. For me, in Xbox it runs perfectly :)
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