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  1. marcoslater

    Server Capacity Update

    Hi everyone, Over the past few days, we have seen significantly increased numbers of players across our network. Over the weekend we consistently peaked at over 22,000 players across both our Bedrock and Java platforms. We understand many of you are now out of school, isolating, or otherwise...
  2. marcoslater

    Recent Phishing attacks.

    Hello CubeCrafters, I'd like to take a moment to warn all of our users about the recent increase in phishing attacks targeting all Minecraft users, and their often complex ways of getting login information. Lately, there has been a rise in websites that are sent via chat messages to our users...
  3. marcoslater


    Hello all, I usually never post, but rather lurk around the systems on the network making sure stuff works, but for once I am posting something, this will be fairly technical, and I won't explain it, if you know what I am talking about, then reply, if you do not, then theres no need for you to...
  4. marcoslater

    News 1.8 Name changing

    Hi CubeCrafters, A lot of you have been confused lately on how well we support name changing on our server, and whether you should do it or not. The good news is, tomorrow (Feb 4th) you can change your name, because we are compatible with name changing, ranks, points and more will stay the...
  5. marcoslater

    Preferred SW maps.

    (I know we have a games section in the forums, but lets face it not as many people look at it as they do this section, hence why I'm posting it here.) This is mostly to get an idea on the skywars preference our active community (aka the ones who are actually caring enough to read this) has...
  6. marcoslater

    News CubeCraft 2.0

    Hello CubeCrafters! As you probably noticed (would be bad if you wouldn’t have yet!) we've released the "CubeCraft 2.0" update, which at the moment is operating in a stable condition, and we're happy to have finally released it. Most of you also know we had quite some issues at the start, and...
  7. marcoslater

    News Game Lobby Updates.

    Lately we have seen the Game Lobbies have been a big source for spam, harassment, confusion, and lots of swearing, we also could not fail to notice that a lot of people we causing load on our systems by constantly swapping servers if they didn't like the maps or such. To counter these things...
  8. marcoslater

    Bukkit and Spigot

    As you probably know (assuming you've kept up to date) both Bukkit and Spigot got sent a DMCA takedown request from a guy called "Wesley Wolfe", and as such, both services have temporarily removed any downloads available to follow it. The reason this guy is able to request this is because a...
  9. marcoslater

    News 1.8 Update.

    Hey CubeCrafters! This is a quick post to say that we should now be both 1.7 and 1.8 compatible! 1.8 features are still not available as of now, and will be implemented in the future, as of now this is just compatibility for 1.8 clients to connect. So far this has been the fastest update we...
  10. marcoslater

    News Friends system.

    Hello CubeCrafters, Today we've released a new friends system. This friend system will allow you to add/remove friends and keep a friends list with users of our server network. Its current functionality is to show you if they are online, as well as showing server messages when they join/leave...
  11. marcoslater

    News EULA Changes - Follow-Up

    This news post is a follow up on our previous post, we have gotten your (quite angry) feedback on the changes we did, so @johncoles has made a very good video that greatly explains the current situation of the EULA-related "madness" (as I call it), and its impact on CubeCraft Games, and what we...
  12. marcoslater

    News Obsidian Rank

    We just released the Obsidian rank on our server! Took us quite some time to finish up the basics of it, and we are currently working on adding even more features to it as we go along, as its not quite done yet. :) Here's a list of the features currently available to Obsidian members. (From...
  13. marcoslater

    News TeamSpeak Server

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to point out that we have a TeamSpeak server active on ts.cubecraftgames.net . To use it grab the client over at teamspeak.com and connect to that address. Me and @rubik_cube_man are usually online on it. If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to say it. We...
  14. marcoslater

    News 2000 players record hit!

    So yea, we hit a new record today, at 2000 players. The exact record is 2011 at April 27 2014 18:42:20 (GMT+0) We thank our massive community for making this possible! :) Here's a screenshot for confirmation: (Open thread to see it)
  15. marcoslater

    News 1.7.8 Update

    We have updated to support 1.7.8, we are testing it and seeing how well it works, there could be bugs and glitches, a known thing is that skins are likely not to work properly. UPDATE: We are aware of the "Outdated server! Pretending to be 1.7.8" error message, its caused by the client and not...
  16. marcoslater

    News 1.7.7/1.7.6 MC Updates

    As usual Mojang decided to do their update catastrophe and break minecraft entirely, once again. 1.7.7/1.7.6 at the moment have a bug in them causing them to error out saying "Outdated server, pretending to be 1.7.7" or similar errors, I've personally tested this and its a bug seen and reported...
  17. marcoslater

    News Current outages

    We are looking into an issue not allowing our server to be connected to, Sessions is down as well as Login server's over at mojang, everything crashed for an unknown cause and we are trying to find out why and what caused this. Reports show we are not the only ones experiencing this, the...
  18. marcoslater

    News March update, SkyWars Leaderboard.

    In the last month lots of changes happened and we grew even further, therefore we would like to thank you and all of our staff for allowing this to happen! :) Changes made in the last month include: - Made many modifications to SkyWars, including the addition of fireworks, updated maps such as...
  19. marcoslater

    News 1300 players hit!

    We hit 1300 players recently and thought we should share the record with our community, thanks for getting us to these massive numbers. (Screenshot by Rubik)
  20. marcoslater

    News Creative 1.7 update.

    Creative has been updated to support 1.7 fully, all new blocks and features can be used now. We also hope that we fixed the recent plot issues too.
  21. marcoslater

    News IRC Channel.

    Hello there, I've created an IRC channel for CubeCraftGames, its currently in beta testing because I want to see how many people would actually use it. The channel is #cubecraft on the FreeNode IRC network (chat.freenode.net/6667). For the less tech-savy users, there's an easier web-based way...
  22. marcoslater

    YouTube video bug.

    Hello, I noticed a lot of you had a bug in which youtube links pasted in here were not displayed correctly, this should now be fixed.
  23. marcoslater

    News Factions Server!

    As you probably all noticed we recently took survival offline from the network, this is due to to a major re-work done to it, and it will be released soon in the form of a faction server! Factions with full PvP enabled, re-worked nether system (it now works), major shop update, it now works...
  24. marcoslater

    News Fish Slap Released.

    We have released a new re-done version of fish-slap, which is better and easier to use then the old fish-slap, also packs cooler arenas and more features, post in the comments what you think! Note: Since the game is new it is released in a beta format for donator access only, if you are not a...
  25. marcoslater

    News Ban Appeals and Reports.

    Since lately a lot of players started to contact us owners, wether via private messages, posting on walls, or even emails, to complain about players, or to post a ban appeal, I would like to make it clear that BY CONTACTING US OWNERS YOU WILL NOT GET FAR, WE DO NOT MANAGE BANS, YOU WILL NOT GET...
  26. marcoslater

    News Assassination Re-Work Alpha Signup

    Hello guys and girls, Musemat here. So as some of you might have heard we are re-working the assassination server and we want you!.... To test it :) Now you might ask, "what are you guys doing to the assassination server? What we're doing to the assassination server is a completly new concept...
  27. marcoslater

    News 900 Player Record.

    We just hit our next milestone, 900 players, online, at the same time. Lets aim for 1000 players! Picture available on the post!
  28. marcoslater

    News This week's updates!

    This week there have been tons of addition to the server, so, I felt like making it a news post, heres a rundown on what is new: New Cookie Clicker in the lobby! New christmas lobby design. Christmas countdown timer on the lobby. New Kit-PvP Kits. New SkyBlock Spawn. Much improved server, to...
  29. marcoslater

    News Server upgrade.

    Hello, We are currently in the process of upgrading all of the server's in our network to more powerful machines, to have less lag, and even more games for you all to play and enjoy! We will update this post as we go along, so keep an eye on this, should also not take too long. - CubeCraft...
  30. marcoslater

    News We are looking for developers!

    We are currently growing a lot, therefore we are searching for some more developers, to help code the plugins to run the server. What we look for are developers with knowledge in these fields: - Must know Java - Must have knowledge on the configuration and set-up of minecraft server's, and...
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