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  1. Nutuu

    Builds Christmas

    Hey. Long time no builds, at first I was supposed to release this on December, first, but I was lazy and couldn't do that yet at that time. As you maybe can see, this is for a server, so naturally it is not built alone, but mostly by me, as I was leading the project. There are waaaaaaaaaaay too...
  2. Nutuu

    Builds Tree

    Hi. Every once in a while I build again. Actually, in fact I build for a server. Not certainly huge server when comparing to cube. Our current record of players is 130 but last couple of days we got DDosed and had to be fixing our server for some time and upgrade our server. (just in case if...
  3. Nutuu

    What's the biggest amount of eggs you hatched?

    In the game "hatch 8 eggs'" (normal) or "hatch 10 eggs" (hard), what is the biggest amount of eggs you have hatched? For me it usually goes up to 15, even close to 20 most of the time.
  4. Nutuu

    Builds Spring build

    Hey! I made this spring / easter build in a few (hundred) hours. Can't get out and vibing the colors like last year so here it is in minecraft. Spring is colors. Literally colors. Not feeling like writing so much here and neither do I have anything to say really. Here is the build...
  5. Nutuu

    Builds Something old

    Hi! I'm back with something old this time. This is a Team Eggwars map. I've posted this before with pictures. Now that I was trying to get my badlion client replaymod files onto the editing software, I came across some old file with recordings and videos from 2018 spring, which weren't uploaded...
  6. Nutuu

    Builds Parrot v3

    3rd parrot. The last parrot indeed had a very weird shape and I wasn't happy about it after all, so I decided to make another parrot. This turned out way better but still not the best. The legs look weird but I worked on the legs more than the rest of the body and asked a few organic builders...
  7. Nutuu

    Builds Another parrot

    Yes, this is another parrot. Made for @Lion but @Riley might also like it. I made another parrot last month but this is for a project with Lion and with a different pose. Here is the build: https://imgur.com/gallery/HClmNS1 I've been trying to get a lot of practice on organics recently, and I...
  8. Nutuu

    Video New cubecraft montage

    I'm having like 3GB disc space left on my pc again so I thought why not to make a little montage with some of my best moments I've gotten recently, so I can get 60GB space more by deleting useless video clips (I record most of my games as I feel like I got the risk of being banned again) hax ...
  9. Nutuu

    Builds Horse

    Hi. I'm banned. (Everyone knows already). As I can't play in cube for the next 27days, I'll probably start building even more. Had a hard time with this build as the body was really challenging to make. I had to make the body all over again 3 times, cut it once in half and make the other half...
  10. Nutuu

    Builds Panda

    *OMG* Two builds in a week from Nutuu! Staying with the oriental theme with this build also! A (bit fat) panda sitting with bamboo and rocks around it! Next 4 or 5 builds will most likely be organics as I'm learning how to build them. Later on I will put all of them to one bigger build. Here is...
  11. Nutuu

    Video An epic blockmoment

    Never thought I would post here lol. I'm supposed to do my schoolwork right now but history is boring so maybe later! we were playing team skywars and I got into a fight and tried to escape it for a better angle to hit the other player, *accidentally* blockclutched casually 6 blocks.
  12. Nutuu

    Builds Oriental valley

    *OMG* NEW BUILD FROM NUTUU! (Yes, I'm excited lol) After working for weeks, many hours a day, I managed to finish this build! Asked what should I build next on the Cubecraft discord, @Soulless_Unity instantly said I should build a dragon, I tried a couple dragon designs but none of them turned...
  13. Nutuu

    Minerware - Fantasy

    Hi! This evening I was checking my builds with @Stablish and when I showed him this build he instantly pointed out that this should be a map for Minerware! I instantly liked the idea and soon after it I started making changes to the map, for example changing all terrain colors and concretes and...
  14. Nutuu

    [FFA] - Undersea (EDITED)

    Hi! I'm here with a FFA map, I don't personally play FFA at all but I made this as a FFA map. I finished this build yesterday and asked some ffa players if it would fit well into FFA, mainly because of it's size and there is no such a map as "undersea" in the gamemode yet. Creator: Me Map name...
  15. Nutuu

    Builds Undersea

    It's time for a new build. Worked way too much on this today, but managed to finish it :) Wanted to leave the basic green style I always use for one build, but it turned out very colorful! I'm quite happy how this turned out. Some spots in the terrain might look empty but the main point I was...
  16. Nutuu

    Builds Deer

    I'm sad how two amazing builders left today :c Anyways, I thought I would start building 1 build a week and post it on friday, but since this one was a bit smaller and I already finished it so here I go! :) I'm trying to learn more on organics; if they are built well they look very great! Here...
  17. Nutuu

    Builds Godtree!

    Hi everyone! Last week I said next build would probably be a godtree so now it's done! I built some terrain around it and a pond next to it. Also I managed to build an organic to this build which is a fairy! Let me know your opinions of the whole build in the comments section. I made some...
  18. Nutuu

    Java Duels should be for 1.8 too

    I bet someone else has already suggested this, but here I go. It's annoying when you find the toxic player on any gamemode, and they want to duel you, and it's 1.8. You get muted for saying a server where you could duel because Cubecraft doesn't have duels for 1.8. Also as an 90% of the time I...
  19. Nutuu

    Builds Parrot (almost)

    I made a parrot this week! I mean I at least tried to make one, I bet some pro organic builder would build this in 1h or something. I asked @Riley what should I build next in discord, the answer was simple "PARROT!" so here you go. Spent a couple days in this, this build was ment to be posted on...
  20. Nutuu

    Builds Organic wannabe

    I like posting often :lenny_face: I made an "human" (it's a woman gg) flying in space, it has no face, nothing except shapes which went kinda wrong Only 1 picture without shaders because shaders made it look better in my eyes. I will continue trying to build organics, next organic will be a...
  21. Nutuu

    Builds Temple

    Hi. One day I remembered that I had a schematic of this temple on my pc, unfinished. I started working on this in 2018 spring, so it has been quite a journey to get here I must say. This one is HUUUUUUGE compared to my other builds - you never saw anything like this before from me! Here is the...
  22. Nutuu

    [Team eggwars] - Village

    Hello y'all. Took me time to get here but here I am. Creators: @Nutuu (me only) Map name: Village Description of the map: -Total 16 players (2 teams of 8 players) -Starting islands have 6 Iron generators (One level 4, Three level 3, Two level 2) And 2 Gold generators (Level 2 and broken)...
  23. Nutuu

    Builds my first eggwars map

    Hi y'all. I got jeaulous of Yello's "I'm back" post, so I felt like i need to post something old too xd. This is my first ever eggwars map made in April 2018. Not very good probably but it's first map bigger than skywars map made by me. I don't really have anything to say here but yeah. Anyway...
  24. Nutuu

    All Networks Eggwars special modes

    I'm not sure if a suggestion like this was made before, but here I go. Would be cool if eggwars had some special modes like bedwars. One mode could be something like if team GREEN destroyed team RED's egg and RED destroyed team GREEN'S egg after it, team RED would get their egg back, or every...
  25. Nutuu

    Soloskywars - Temple

    Map name: Temple Builder: Nutuu <3 Brief description: There are 8 spawnislands. There are 4 sections of spawnislands. Every 2 spawn islands have an middle island between them. It takes 8 blocks to get to the island. The spawn islands have 3 chests, the statue islands have 2 chests and the...
  26. Nutuu

    Builds my last build

  27. Nutuu

    Builds portfolio123

  28. Nutuu

    Builds MY builds in 2017 June, lame yea

    ok id like to show finally my lamest builds ever! also making this read cost me, i had to get on my old phone to get these links from skype since i couldnt acces these with my pc. (cost time lol) finding these cost me 5h (charging phone) + 2h (trying to see a sh*t of these links cuz the screen...
  29. Nutuu

    Builds these days when i could build

    by now my builds are 90% worse than they were months ago, lmao. how did that happen? lemme explain ( u nub ) for and example, here is an skywars map which i made in June https://imgur.com/a/FNbvHK4 and by now, a simple lobby which takes like less than 30h of work takes me over 2months...
  30. Nutuu

    Artwork draw a cat plz

    ok first start with a ball then draw eyes (two balls) then draw cute mouth and nose like cats have! then draw the cat body then your cat needs paws of course. you are stupid if you forget these! then cute tail. now color the cat! and yes add ears Now you cat should look like this...
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