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  1. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Planks for eggwars

    I would love to see planks (and axes) return. I used them pretty much and was kinda disappointed to see that they were removed. They should make it that axes have efficiency instead of sharpness, however
  2. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add bottle of enchanting to chests on mid (skywars)

    Easy to implement suggestion: add bottle of enchanting to skyways, currently the only way to get it is by mining ore Some maps have anvils, but ores on those map are not always present, making the anvils useless
  3. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock 8 year old party

    I have encountered some kids in a party wearing naked female skins. I will report them but post it here as well too show this weird happening.
  4. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock How about adding quick buy in Eggwars

    I think the most lacking feature in this game would be the quick buy option. I hate scrolling down the shop just to find an item. Quick buy would this make much easier and gives rushers a better time too
  5. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Adding more items to the emerald generator

    Hello cubcrafters, Personally I think the emerald generator is severely lacking. The way it currently works results in nobody using it. I think this is due two things - It’s items are too weak - Strong items are instead purchased with diamonds. Firstly, the following items should be...
  6. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Minerware: remove some of the knockback microgames

    Currently, There are WAY to many and keep destroying my win streak The ones which should be removed (IMO) - Stand on diamond - Hide under block - Cactus slap - Knock back
  7. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Hitting people with a bow should note their health

    Recently, health indicators were released. One thing that was missing was a health indicator for bow shots. This so we can see how much health they have from long distances
  8. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Please consider removing diamond armor in OP eggwars

    It’s just way too op and makes fights very long and boring, while Op is meant for quicker games.
  9. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add eggwars abilities

    In the Java server, eggwars has perks known as abilities. Maybe keep them tied to your level or something. I would like to see those implemented in the Bedrock port for more parity between the two! Maybe keep them tied to your level or something.
  10. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Is making a 4x4x4x4x4x4 map allowed?

    I think about making a eggwars teams of 4 map, I saw that the max amount of players is 24. So is it allowed?
  11. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Due to knockback rng, people keep accusing me of hacking 😞

    I think that due to kb rng, people get mad when sometimes they have bad luck and get huge loads of knockback, so I request removing scale of knockback. This makes Fighting skill-based and not luck-based.
  12. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Make that punch-bow cost emeralds

    My suggestion is to change to punch bow so it costs emeralds. This will greatly reduce camping, since people are required to go to mid if they want one, and thereby more easily killable.
  13. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add some sort of private messaging

    Whenever I type /tell, /msg etc. It doesn’t let me. I want to talk with people without strangers hearing us. so place consider adding private messaging back
  14. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Hard mode for Minerware + Minerware rank?

    I would love to see hard mode added for Minerware. Perhaps with a new minerware rank, which contains: ability to vote on normal and hard mode, (maybe make an easy mode too 🙂) 3 Prefix - Snowball thrower - anvil dodger - Knock-backer Because it has less content than other game ranks, it should...
  15. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Kit save for Bedrock?

    I hope a kit save will be added, so I don’t have to choose a kit each time (I always choose the same) and people who join 2 or less seconds before the game starts actually have a change of obtaining one.
  16. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Eggwars and skywars teams of 3?

    I would love to see Eggwars and skywars teams of 3. Sometimes you can play with just 2 friends and Java has it also.
  17. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock New and better eggwars kits:D

    As most of you know: the current eggwars kits are horrible: baker has a single pretty useless cake, miner has that awful pickaxe and builder, the best off them, has that helmet which barely helps anything. Many have suggested it before, but they weren’t specific. So I’ve come up with some...
  18. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Health vote for Bedrock?

    I would love to see health vote added to bedrock (from Java), For the following reasons: Adds more strategy to games who get it Brings more parity between versions Gives players more reason to buy ranks (more income:D)
  19. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Usable anvils in skywars?

    Recently, anvils were added, but there is one big problem: they can’t be used at ALL. Whenever you put something into the slot, it goes back in the inventory. Hopefully we are able to mend our items in the future. I also suggest adding bottle of enchanting, since mending costs xp (not every map...
  20. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Make saturation less of an nuisance

    Currently, food drains so fast it almost is more important than PVP. maybe make saturation work like it does in vanilla or just make in drain slower
  21. Cyanlloyd

    How does the knockback microgame work?

    Hello, I play minerware a lot, I win almost all microgames, except ‘’knockback‘’ I don’t know how it works, can anyone help me?
  22. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Remove the eggwars egg skin selector

    Dear cubecrafters I’ve ran into a large problem: Sometimes when you place a block around the egg, it opens a “skin selector” gui I hope they remove that, because I’ve lost several eggs because of this.
  23. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Voter rank

    An easy suggestion, add a voter rank, which allows you to vote on all games. Price: €10. Made for people who want to vote (like me) Purchasing other game specific ranks still allow to vote on that game.(eggwars rank = voting on eggwars)
  24. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Item type voting should be tied to a vip level.

    Dear Cubecrafters, My suggestion is that one you have a certain vip level, you can vote on all games. Most people buy something to vote on items, so there might be more income for the network. Currently you can only vote once you bought a bundle for that game. I hope you like my idea king...
  25. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock When holding a weapon chests/gravestone should not open

    In a fight with a other play, I accidentally opened a gravestone and lost the battle. So I hope this gets changed like with the villager shops
  26. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock When holding a weapon (sword, axe and maybe flint ‘N steel) chests and gravestones shouldn’t be able to be opened

    Dear Cubecraft team, My suggestion is that whenever you have a weapon in your hand, you can no longer chests/gravestones. These often get in the way when fighting and I lost several times due opening them. King Regards CyanLloyd
  27. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Health selection in eggwars/skywars

    in the Java version of cubecraft, players with ranks can vote for types of items (normal, hard and overpowered) and the amount of health, Normal, double, triple and half. On the Bedrock server, you can only choose the items. This kinda disappoints me. Having different types of health as well...
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