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  1. Banwave

    Is there a list of all maps?

    I (still) working on a little guide for new players. It would make my life a lot easier if a had an overview for all lucky blocks/ lucky islands maps. However, I couldn't seem to find one. Did I simply overlook it? Is there even such a list at all?
  2. Banwave

    All Networks People can report bugs- Can you let them fix them too?

    Of course, I don't know what exactly the Cubecraft-Structure is, but I'd like to learn and maybe help. So assuming you have a Github/Gitlab Project could you make it accessible (at least viewable) for people that might like to help. I sure there are people willing to contribute however lacking...
  3. Banwave


    Bedrock is mostly played by casuals and well us tryhards. Though I wanna change that. But there is only so much one can do.
  4. Banwave

    Should I make a guide to Lucky Blocks [Bedrock]

    The examples are from Bedrock but the overall principles should apply for Java as well.
  5. Banwave

    Bedrock Update the punishment for cheaters

    Time to automate then I guess
  6. Banwave

    Bedrock Update the punishment for cheaters

    Really? Well I don't know your database structure. But assuming it is one entry per player it's just: DELETE FROM playerStats WHERE name ="cheatingperson420"; You could also modify the ban command so that you transfer a parameter marking the entry of the player to be deleted in say 14 days...
  7. Banwave

    Bedrock Update the punishment for cheaters

    It's not about the leaderboard but about the principle. That is no problem, just make it so that 1. the person is informed about his high score about to be deleted 2. the person is given time to appeal. Given they cooperate stats may not be deleted...
  8. Banwave

    Bedrock Update the punishment for cheaters

    Examption from the current rules: Ok so far, but can we make it so that either with the first or second ban all statistic will be deleted? As they made their progress by cheating it should be taking away.
  9. Banwave

    Bedrock How to deal with hackers/bots

    As I stated in another post: This would not be teaming, according to my interpretation of the rules.
  10. Banwave

    Bedrock i met a hacker again

    Way to many. Maybe this can help you.
  11. Banwave

    My BlockWars Bridges strategies

    Well iron chestplate+sword and you're next to unbeatable.
  12. Banwave

    👑King of Casuals - A Guide to Lucky Blocks | Part 1

    Tell me if I should continue this.
  13. Banwave

    👑King of Casuals - A Guide to Lucky Blocks | Part 1

    Introduction & Authors note Given that due to... well this year, I have too much time on my hand I have decided to make a guide to Lucky Blocks. Yet, most things this year, it has proved to be more difficult/complex than one would guess. Therefore, this is just part one. I will go through each...
  14. Banwave

    Bedrock An item to add for LB (or any other mode)

    In that case, I'd scrap that approach and just check whether there is any block under the players current position.
  15. Banwave


    For real though, what happened?
  16. Banwave


  17. Banwave

    Bedrock An item to add for LB (or any other mode)

    Good point, my solution: Make sure the player using the item is currently not falling. if (event.getPlayer().getVelocity().getY() < 0) { dont swap } else { swap } Or if you want to avoid them swapping while jumping in general use isOnGround.
  18. Banwave

    Bedrock An item to add for LB (or any other mode)

    Lucky Blocks is somewhat RNG-ish anyway. So I thought why not spice it up some more? May I present: The swapper. It when using the item it changes Position with a random player. Quite handy when in need of a quick escape. As that is quite powerful here are some debuffs I was thinking of...
  19. Banwave

    Bedrock A suggestion to evade a bit of "clean" in some games

    Whilst annoying, I just think it's part of the game. I mean everyone has his own strategy.
  20. Banwave

    Am I allowed to call a hacker bad if I kill them

    @Egg X to Doubt Especially if those losers use hacks and still don't mange to make a decent play. I mean look at this.
  21. Banwave

    Bedrock Casual and Ranked

    Ever since finding out about the Leaderboard, I wanted two things: To be No. 1 and a ranked mode for people taking this blocky game to serious (like me). So can we make this happen? There could be special ranked lobby to make it easier to distingish casual and ranked or something idk. Just an...
  22. Banwave


    Two things: Guess i gotta grind quite a bit (not even close to place one) I need We need a ranked mode for LB/SW.
  23. Banwave


    Wait there is a leaderboard?
  24. Banwave

    what do u do when ur bored in skyblock?

    Try winning without using certain items
  25. Banwave

    Should I make a guide to Lucky Blocks [Bedrock]

    Fair point. There are ways to win even with bad items, hence the idea for the guide.
  26. Banwave

    Should I make a guide to Lucky Blocks [Bedrock]

    Having always recorded due to cheaters, I gathered quite some footage of Lucky Blocks. Now I don't want the footage to go to waste. So would you like me make a video on how to properly play LB?
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