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  1. Rangeclient

    Number of hackers increasing

    I dont know how it is in bedrock at the moment but in java the /register command is unavailable .
  2. Rangeclient

    Bedrock This is so unfortunate.

    That one hurts. :/
  3. Rangeclient

    Bedrock Make Overpowered and Hardcore Games separate!

    This is the way cubecraft did this, and if they remove it now i think it would make the community really upset. It is a big advantage to be honest but, if it is gonna be removed it will always be normal mode while more than 50% of the community like OP mode a lot.
  4. Rangeclient

    All Networks Survival Games

    I like the idea but i think there is a reason that the gamemode was moved from permanent to featured.
  5. Rangeclient

    Bedrock Make Overpowered and Hardcore Games separate!

    If this would be added i think the filling up of games will not be a problem in bedrock because they have so many players.
  6. Rangeclient

    Bedrock Make Overpowered and Hardcore Games separate!

    I think this is not the best idea because i think the main reason the people bought these ranks is because they can vote for several modes in the games, if this will be removed from cubecraft [the voting system] i think that a lot of people will be mad at cubecraft, and maybe will quit playing.
  7. Rangeclient

    Java Get the win if your team wins, even you died.

    I think i saw this thread earlier this week about lucky islands and i think they will look into it with all the games. https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/getting-the-win-in-team-lucky-islands-if-you-died-and-your-teammates-won-the-game.248719/
  8. Rangeclient

    Video SkyWars Highlights

    oh niet gezien maar bedankt :]
  9. Rangeclient

    Builds Alien Organic & Landscape

    Wow this build is actually insane.
  10. Rangeclient

    Video SkyWars Highlights

    Nice video, Nog wat leuke edits erin verwerkt is het mogelijk om de texture pack via conversation of discord te sturen?
  11. Rangeclient

    Java Achievements for Skywars

    i'd like this idea because it will give new oppurtunities for the solo skywars players to have some new goals to achieve. :)
  12. Rangeclient

    Skywars kills

    In my opinion this is an good idea. I agree with fesa about just adding 5 xp and it being added to every game.:)
  13. Rangeclient

    My Introduction :)

    Welcome to the forums, i hope you will enjoy your stay here!
  14. Rangeclient

    Jhxpe's introduction :)

    Welcome, i hope you will enjoy it here!
  15. Rangeclient

    iWillComeToYou's Introduction

    Welcome to the forums liam, i hope that you will enjoy it here!:)
  16. Rangeclient

    Java Always have maps to play for max party's of 6

    Maybe this suggestion not really good explained. I ment that there will always be at least one map for 2,3,4,5 and 6 people per team open
  17. Rangeclient

    Java Always have maps to play for max party's of 6

    I mean maps for every party up to 6 players so they can always join games. But not always the 9 and 10 maps because that will obviously cause to many winfarmers
  18. Rangeclient

    Java Always have maps to play for max party's of 6

    Maybe it should be a thing that in the skin where you can choose maps, always will be a map open for party's of 2,3,4 etc players except the 9 and 10 maps so that if you have a party of 6, you dont have to wait in the lobby for a to long time and you can just play a map everytime.
  19. Rangeclient

    skywars wait lobby.

    I agree with this suggestion, Its a good lobby but i think once in a while the lobby should be changed so people dont get bored of it.
  20. Rangeclient

    Who joined the forums first?

    This doesn't work for me.
  21. Rangeclient

    Java Cancel your /report

    I think this is a great suggestion to add this in cubecraft but i think this should be implented at the website too.
  22. Rangeclient

    Java Fishing rod in eggwars

    I think this can't really be a thing in 1.9 pvp because then you have to throw a fishing rod after every hit so in my opinion its not a good idea for eggwars 1.9, maybe it will be good for eggwars 1.8.😄
  23. Rangeclient

    Implemented Getting the win in Team Lucky Islands if you died and your teammates won the game

    I fully agree with fesa about this, It is not fair that you lose when you died and your team still wins because it is an teameffort if you win. And if you are part of that team you competely deserve that win.
  24. Rangeclient

    Video Yes I already report the hacker before this post, Hacker katch Ep: 8

    Did they already get ban or not? If not it might be the issue that not all the names of the hackers are shown good in this video.
  25. Rangeclient

    Help with reset

    Did you make a new island? Because when i started my island there wasn't a spawner at the beginning too. You should just stary playing on that co-op and you will probably get a spawner soon.
  26. Rangeclient

    Help with reset

    If you dont wanna stay to long on this quests, i think you should just start a new co-op island
  27. Rangeclient

    Help with reset

    It's gonna take some time but i think you should be able to sell other things than just meat.
  28. Rangeclient

    Bedrock Lowering prices and buffing items in Overpowered

    In my opinion it's not a good idea to lower the price of the enderpearls, because that will probably cause to more campers in eggwars and would make the games really boring and long.
  29. Rangeclient

    Lobby high ping

    It is probably that the lobby can't handle so many players at one time so that the lobby crashes everytime. And most of the people use trails so thats probably taking much from the server.
  30. Rangeclient

    Help with reset

    I think you should start farming some money with doing other things on your island and buy a new cow spawner.
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