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  1. ItzJqlmer

    Java 1700 Wins! :P

    4-6-2020 - 1700 Wins! I did this in a month, for me its bad I played less :D
  2. ItzJqlmer

    Java Layer Spleef - Win effect + Play again

    Hey! I have 2 suggestions about layer. Lets keep it short! I have selected the good game win effect. But if I win a game, I get the normal firework effect. Maybe it's a bug but if not, let us use our win effect. :) Add a play again button, also of you die. If you die a play again button does...
  3. ItzJqlmer

    Bedrock Ability to teleport to people

    Hey, Me and a vriend were playing skywars. Eventually I died and I wanted to spectate him. It took me some time before I found him. My suggestion is to add a teleport system. Maybe they could add an extra button on the compass that says “ Teleport to player “. If you click on it a menu will...
  4. ItzJqlmer

    Bedrock Some bedrock suggestions

    Hey there! I play bedrock now for maybe one or two monhts and I have some sugggestions! 1 - Change eggwars win message If you win right now you'll see this: I suggest to add some intresting stats like, eggs broken, kills and totall time. As on the java version. 2- Improve the eggwars shop...
  5. ItzJqlmer

    List of all staff members - Rank and A-Z

    Inspired by @AmeerClient <3 Hello there! Here is a list of all current staff members, no worries I'll provide you with a conversation link. Outdated? Message my on the forums or discord (ItzJqlmer#1205) and I will update this thread as soon as possible. Last updated: 18-5-2020 -...
  6. ItzJqlmer

    Implemented Edit upgrade message for generators (eggwars)

    Hello, I was playing eggwars today and when you upgrade a generator it looks like this: My friend asked me: " level 2? " I replied yes level 2 gold and iron gen. My suggestion is to edit the messages to this: _EliteTra had upgraded one of your Gold generators to level 2! If this would be...
  7. ItzJqlmer

    This is why hypixel got more players

  8. ItzJqlmer

    Web All leaderboards on website

    Hi lets keep it simpel and short. Maybe cubecraft could add all leaderboard to the webiste because I want to check the layer spleef leaderboard :D
  9. ItzJqlmer

    Java 1600 Wins!

  10. ItzJqlmer

    Java Give a reward to the top voter

    Hi, I will keep it short . Maybe cubecraft could give a reward to the top voter each month. It does not have to be big but I was thinking one multiplier or some cublets. Let my know your opinion :)
  11. ItzJqlmer

    we were bored so we built this.....

    So I was bored and my friend thought this was a good idea: yes we literally did this... it took us 2 hours and 47 minutes We got this as well yes idk why bot ye we were bored Diamonds farmen is really annoying We did this with: 8 Iron generators 14 Gold generators 4 Diamond...
  12. ItzJqlmer

    All Networks randomize your cages (and more)

    Hi! Im back with a suggestion! I have a lot of cages but as you probably know, you can't use them all at the same time. Maybe cubecraft could add a "randomize" button. (already possible with egg break messages) This would be great you can use more cages, shields etc. You can just toggle this...
  13. ItzJqlmer

    Java How many players did you killed in the boss game get the most kills?

    Just read the title :D My highscore is 20, yours?
  14. ItzJqlmer

    Java Layer Spleef - make big egg less powerful

    I play layer spleef if its feutered and I like it, but there is one item in egg spleef that is too powerful in my opinion. Im talking about the big egg powerup. Click at the spoiler to see the range, if you play splegg you know the frustration to get this under your feet ;) I got some idea's...
  15. ItzJqlmer

    Java Layer Spleef suggestions - remove thropies

    Hi! I've a suggestion about layer spleef I hope you like it! - Remove Thropies If you have ever played layer spleef you know this, you'll gain thropies if you are in the top three players. However, these trophies are useless you can't do anything with them. So I think this should be removed...
  16. ItzJqlmer

    Why can only staff delete threads?

    I was wondering why only staff can delete threads?
  17. ItzJqlmer

    Java Remove map TNT (solo skywars)

    Hi everyone, I want to talk about the map TNT in solo skywars, to be honest I don't really like map. I would like to see it disappear from solo skywars. First of all, look at these two screenshots so you have a image of the map. Whole Map (ignore the players) Inside Why should this map...
  18. ItzJqlmer

    Java Skyblock | Private Vault

    I was gathering beetroots for a quest and when I finished it I received 10 xp bottles. I thought where can I storage this? I'm playing with a friend and a random player. Of course I can trust my friend but what about that random guy? This was the moment when I came to this idea. Maybe it is...
  19. ItzJqlmer

    Java New Obsidian perk

    Hi, I was thinking, when I bought Obsidian I got a multiplier. But why only Just one? Multipliers are very useful, I was thinking about every 3 months one multiplier. Just a random one every 3 months. I think its a good idea, emerald is more worth but I bought a rankupgrade so its cheaper...
  20. ItzJqlmer

    /msg someone whenever you want

    Hi, I was just playing skywars and someone asked me to join their party. I ignored the message because I was fighting. He left the game and I wanst able to speak to him. He disabled party invites and I tried to message (/msg) him, but the wasnt able to find the person. Why is this disabled If...
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