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  1. Chippeh


    hello it me whilst in this community will overthrow all staff and lead this server as a dictatorship to make the motherland proud
  2. Chippeh

    Artwork |Minecraft Profile Pictures|

    Hello!,If you would like a simple Minecraft profile picture done for you here is the template: IGN: Pose: Background: Text (Optional): Example of my work - http://imgur.com/uJtZea1 Hope you like them!
  3. Chippeh

    Coding Skin glitch.

    Hi.For some reason my skin is weirdly glitched. Pictures --> So I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this problem. Thanks ~Manusizwe
  4. Chippeh

    Mac screen capturing ....

    Hi I was wondering you guys knew of any good screen capturing software for Mac.o_O Thanks. ~Manusizwe
  5. Chippeh

    Artwork Is anyone making 3D avtars..

    Hi I was wondering If anyone was making 3D avatars...?;) Thanks. -Manusizwe
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