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  1. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock Your Eggwars Mega Opinions

    I find it ok. The maps are all very big so maybe they could add some smaller ones, and make less gens so you can't get 10v1ed by people kitted out in gear, also they need to make it 20v20 not 10v10v10v10, it just feels like 4s that that point
  2. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock What about separating PC and mobile players?

    Going against the point of the Better Together Update which is why bedrock was made
  3. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock Upgrade to skywars

    Sounds like hive
  4. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock Sucky new kb

    1.) It's not like Hive at all Hive makes you go way higher in the air and there is other servers with upwards KB. 2.)They spent a lot of time on this and your only point to it is that you will stop playing. 3.) Not everything stays the same so you need to either pack up and leave because every...
  5. SecretEagle9862

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    Cubecraft's complaints from server reviews are the KB so they made it good for the players complaining. If they were to keep it they wouldn't gain any new players since the KB just isn't fun. Thus not gaining any players, Old players just need to stick with it.
  6. SecretEagle9862

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    nope thats how reach works 3 blocks its no plugin just how a combo in upwards pvp works
  7. SecretEagle9862

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    But they wont get any new players, constantly new players come over to cubecraft and mostly mention the kb and how "bad" or "insignificant" it is so cubecraft is trying to improve that by making the old kb and just making crits lower in damage doesn't fix the experience for newcomers.
  8. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock Remove "less is better" from minerware

    Make a line in the middle so you can't cheat in it if you're on the line -1 point
  9. SecretEagle9862

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    This update for me would be 8/10 The Sprint Glitches Now I am on 1.16.100 for this happening to me and I have not tested the newest but if you are on the new version can you clarify if it occurs but when you go to Jump Combo, A technique used to keep a person in the air for a long period, Your...
  10. SecretEagle9862

    Test a moderator's Bedrock knowledge!

    What does it so bedrock make the Camera Delayed in 1.16.200
  11. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock (Added Poll) Desupport older versions - and why

    The new update slows the camera down and its a BUG so downgrading doesn't give a advantage it just avoids a bug, going by that logic ban zoom because its a unfair advantage
  12. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock (Added Poll) Desupport older versions - and why

    lets just ban optifine because it gives us too much fps
  13. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock (Added Poll) Desupport older versions - and why

    Lunar was banned because the client gave advantages it wasn't the older versions
  14. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock (Added Poll) Desupport older versions - and why

    you chose to play on PC/ Xbox all have certain advantages and downfalls if everything was fair that defeats the point of the better together update since somebody can just get on PC and downgrade or mobile and get better hits
  15. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock (Added Poll) Desupport older versions - and why

    what about custom texture packs
  16. SecretEagle9862

    Moving on!

    Recently I've been playing less Cubecraft and I feel like I want to make a public statement that I'm not gonna be playing Cubecraft anymore 😢 My Journey On Cubecraft I've played Cubecraft for 1 and a half years not that long but along the way I've got to know a community dark parts and good...
  17. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock Add vote map

    It would make sorting lobbies even worse and Cubecraft already is taking the intake of more players and this could only make the network more buggy
  18. SecretEagle9862

    Bedrock (Added Poll) Desupport older versions - and why

    but 1.16.200 can be used for hacks because the game itself hasn't changed only added RTX featured. Also the KB thing is lunar client because it reduces kb for users on lunar.
  19. SecretEagle9862

    Golden apples

  20. SecretEagle9862

    A series of unfortunate events

    The earth is doomed to blow up in 1 second to a indestructible meteor
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