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  1. SecretEagle9862

    Moving on!

    Recently I've been playing less Cubecraft and I feel like I want to make a public statement that I'm not gonna be playing Cubecraft anymore 😢 My Journey On Cubecraft I've played Cubecraft for 1 and a half years not that long but along the way I've got to know a community dark parts and good...
  2. SecretEagle9862

    Beta Bring QuakeCraft to bedrock

    For those who don't know i rarely play Cubecraft Java 😞 since my badlion client is glitchy, So i thought i would try out Cubecraft java again! (best server btw suck it hypixel :p) And on the featured games i saw QuakeCraft after losing at skywars too much i gave it a try and it is so FUN, To be...
  3. SecretEagle9862

    Now its worth buying a rank!

    I used to think why would people buy Obsidian rank and stuff, like you get nothing! Map changes, Pre-Fixes, Voting all useless. but when i saw you get coloured names in the discord now i know why you made ranks, of course its for the Name Colours! pretty obvious just look at obsidian colour who...
  4. SecretEagle9862

    Changes need to be made

    First step|| hacking the top dogs I think cubecraft needs some changes to all the networks, so first you should definitely hack the Hive owner and take the server down. it's a discrimination, then steal the code and make upwards knockback! For java send Simon(hypixel owner) a DM and hack his...
  5. SecretEagle9862

    Web Change the rule swearing, to hateful language

    My friend was recently muted for "Swearing" he was confused that he never sworn. He later found out he said a different word that wasn't defined as swearing. So i say you should phrase the rule as Hateful Language or something on those terms cause it can cause alot of confusion [/B] I'm...
  6. SecretEagle9862

    Video one of my last montages

    Hope you enjoy i put plenty of time getting these clips :D
  7. SecretEagle9862

    All Networks /votes

    /vote command can be a command to check the votes in the game, instead of opening the vote menu and checking i can do /vote to see the game votes fast Overpowered: 1 Basic: 1 Night: 1
  8. SecretEagle9862

    All Networks add more hack clients too the banned client list

    listing some -Toolbox (bedrock for mobile) -Horion (bedrock for pc) -Flare (bedrock for pc) -Wurst (java) -Sigma (java) List some more down below if you know any (v) if you can list some infomation about them
  9. SecretEagle9862


    that guy survived his ban
  10. SecretEagle9862


  11. SecretEagle9862

    Stat flex

    Flex ur stats higher stats only sov if someone has 100 kills you top it with 200 kills or something Type stats : Kills
  12. SecretEagle9862

    All Networks Introduce winstreaks

    Introduction Now i already know you can get winstreaks, but they don't show ingame so if you applied for a record you can't really prove it. I think it could be a new way to bring back old players to the network to! How will it look I've made some GUI stuff and you can kinda see what the...
  13. SecretEagle9862

    Duels Change the creeper kit

    Right now the creeper kit has a knockback 1 stick and a OP sword and OP armour and creepers I think the sword should be taken out and you push infinite creepers into one another, also the armour is way to OP to die to a creeper
  14. SecretEagle9862

    All Networks Win perks

    What's a win perk? A win perk can be a cool perk for winning a game like a win effect but more interactable, like the lobby bat launcher as a cool celebration How do you get them? There can be two ways i've come up with, It could be obtained by using points (java) or a new currency win count...
  15. SecretEagle9862

    Video Cubecraft Haunted Gameplay

    Why do they both look simular? eh must be coincidence cubecraft wouldn't...
  16. SecretEagle9862

    Video What did i do wrong...

    I went through 4 Iron Armour Sets, IN OP
  17. SecretEagle9862

    (Not overdue intro) Hello Fourms!

    Hello I am Secret or Eagle whatever you wanna call me :D I like to play Skywars and am on the bedrock leaderboards for duos, recently i've been playing games like eggwars more :) . I started playing Cubecraft in summer of 2019 (a year from now) and so far best server on bedrock! (Hive nerds...
  18. SecretEagle9862

    Cubecraft are you good?

    Is this a bug or an inside joke im confused
  19. SecretEagle9862

    What are you doing to your staff

    , i think the video explains itself. Mod Truu Calachin collapsed from stress right in front of me WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOUR STAFF. this makes me infer your torturing them of some sort! What is this servers dark secrets done to cubecraft staff!?!?
  20. SecretEagle9862

    Will Astral Client Be Bannable?

    If you don't know what astral client is, it's a up and coming bedrock client and soon will have Coords mod and stuff like that soon. Since bedrock is being more advanced will cubecraft be doing bans for the client users? right now the client only has GUI's in V6.9 but in V7 it will have some...
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